Rand Paul Is Lying

Stop the presses: Rand Paul claims when his son signed up for Obamacare, he was “forced” onto the Kentucky Medicaid rolls:

The senator briefly flashed a blue-and-white insurance card before launching into a diatribe about his son’s travails: “We didn’t try to get him Medicaid…They automatically enrolled him in Medicaid,” Paul said. “For a month they wouldn’t talk to us because they said they weren’t sure he existed. He had to go down to the welfare office, prove his existence, then, next thing we know, we get a Medicaid card.”

Paul then extrapolated from his son’s experience to make a general point about Kentucky’s health exchange: “Most of the people in Kentucky are getting automatically enrolled in Medicaid.”

Paul is lying.

The Affordable Care Act allowed states to automatically add residents who already receive other social services, such as food stamps and other health programs, to the Medicaid rolls. But Kentucky chose not to take advantage of that provision of the law. The state is notifying some residents of their eligibility for Medicaid, but Paul’s son would have needed to actually apply for Medicaid in order to receive a Medicaid card.

Midkiff couldn’t discuss the Paul family’s specific troubles due to confidentiality laws. But her general description of the state’s exchange clearly contradicts Paul’s story. When a Kentuckian visits Kynect, the state’s health insurance website, she’s asked to provide basic information about herself—age, location, income, number of dependents, etc.—to determine whether she qualifies for the Medicaid expansion or other insurance subsidies. The website is designed to encourage people who are eligible for Medicaid to apply, but it doesn’t force anyone onto the Medicaid rolls. The applicant would still have to actively choose to enroll in a specific Medicaid plan.

Rand Paul is lying.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time.


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  1. traveler

    I can’t speak to Kentucky’s interpretation, but my reading of the PPACA section 1311(d)(4)(F) is that if the exchange determines you’re eligible, it’s required to sign sign you up for Medicaid whether you want it or not.

    (Text: An exchange shall […] if through screening of the
    application by the Exchange, the Exchange determines that
    such individuals are eligible for any such program, enroll
    such individuals in such program; […])

    • That’s probably the interpretation going around in Fox News circles which is how Rand got the idea to grandstand on this issue in the first place. So instead of signing his son up on the DC Exchange along with the rest of the family, he decided to game the system by signing up his unemployed, flight attendant abusing son on the Kentucky exchange to make his financial circumstances look even more dire, not realizing that Kentucky had opted out of that section.

      I mean one of the things Obamacare does is let children under — 25? 26? — stay on their parents’ insurance. So why did his 20 year old son need his own policy on the Kentucky exchange in the first place?

      • Rand Paul is fucking millionaire. If he doesn’t want to take care of his own spawn, fuck him and them.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I am not clear on why him trying to purchase an individual policy for his son in KY is a sign that Paul doesn’t want to take care of his son. As the articles point out, it is difficult to get a policy in DC that will cover doctors in KY. Now maybe if say insurance could be sold across state lines, then the insurance companies may look to have arrangements with doctors all across the country. As it stands now, there is really no incentive for an insurance program in DC to make any arrangements to cover people living in KY.

  2. If Rand Paul has a Medicaid card, I’m an ophthalmologist.

    I haven’t had a lot of Rotten Ronny fans self identifying lately. It’s pretty clear when that lying sack-o-shit tells such egregious lies that the plight of the common man–or even a loose connection to reality is one of his concern-s.

    Having Randy be the PotUS is scary. If he got into the WH he would undoubtedly make that fuckbag of a father of his, Chief of Staff or, worse, SecState.

    • Since Ron is an isolationist, making him Sec of State would cut down on the travel expenditures considerably. He’d just stay home and watch TV, have his secretary say NO to everything.

  3. I was conflating Ron with Rand. I’m sure that they’re both shitheels (and it sounds like his son is, as well) but I misread the OP and thought it was RAND that got the card.

    As for:

    “I mean one of the things Obamacare does is let children under — 25? 26? — stay on their parents’ insurance. So why did his 20 year old son need his own policy on the Kentucky exchange in the first place?”

    So he won’t be a moocher?

    • This is the same kid who was charged with attacking a flight attendant last year, as well as underage drinking and disorderly conduct. I suspect he’s a privileged asshole who’s done his share of mooching already.

  4. I meant “mooching” offa his Randroidy daddy.

  5. “I am not clear on why him trying to purchase an individual policy for his son in KY is a sign that Paul doesn’t want to take care of his son.”

    Would you be clear that such a move (if it even happened) would be one more indication of the rank hypocrisy of KKKonservative RepubliKKKans who have done everything that they could to derail the program.

    The Pauls, puke and filth, are both Randroids; keeping a kid on your dime when he’s old enough to work at McDonalds would go against their belief of taking care of your own shit. Not that I believe for one second that either of those fucking scumbags wouldn’t steal money from a poor box.

    • Jim in Memphis

      You are all over the place with your response. Paul was trying to purchase insurance for his son. I don’t see how that is hypocritical of anything professed by the GOP or Paul. Taking care of your family is part of being responsible for yourself. I was trying to show reasons why he might not sign his son up on the family plan that is based in DC – i.e. probably no in network doctors in KY.

      • It doesn’t change the fact that he’s lying. Rand Paul’s son is a college student, yes? I think he goes to UK, yes? (I think I read that somewhere, can’t remember where now).

        Read about student health services for UK students:

        “UHS is your source for employee and student health care. Our physicians are board-certified in family practice, internal medicine, women’s health, psychiatry, and occupational medicine. In addition to our physicians, our nurse practitioners have certification in family medicine, women’s health, psychiatry and emergency medicine.

        All full-time UK students may see these clinicians without charge. Part-time UK students can use UHS by voluntarily paying the health fee or by being seen on a fee-for-service basis.

        I mean, yes, it’s smart that he gets extra coverage in case of an emergency but I don’t think that your “he can’t find a local provider” argument holds any water. If I get in an accident in New York I am covered for emergency services through BCBS of Tennessee.

        Republicans are attached to this magical idea that all of our healthcare worries would be solved if only we enacted tort reform and allowed the sale of insurance across state lines. But it’s utter bullshit. That idea was an utter failure in Georgia, Maine and Wyoming, which all allow the sale of health insurance across state lines, yet not one insurer has signed up.

        But I like the way you’re thinking. You know, if we had a system like Medicare For All it truly would be universally transportable.

  6. Jimbo:

    Shorter everyone else on this thread.

    RonRandPaul = Lying sociopathic fuckbags.

    People who support them? Idiots.