Tennessee Gun Report

Just the usual bouts of gun violence across the state this week, (representative example here), which is good news; seems like we got a brief respite from most of the loonery. Just one accidental shooting reported in the news media this week! Huzzah!

• January 22, 2014:

Mae Beavers is an idiot. This is not a repeat of the last three gazillion times Mae Beavers was an idiot.

• January 18, 2014:

Shots heard near the MTSU campus remain under investigation. By the way, what the hell is wrong with Murfreesboro, anyway? Lots of violent crime down there.

• January 17, 2014:

1- A Memphis teenager accidentally shot himself in the head on the way to school.

2- A Murfreesboro attorney had a bunch of guns stolen, probably a month ago, but he just now noticed they’re gone. Woops.

• January 14, 2014:

Someone shot a four-month-old puppy.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Anniemouse

    Awww, man, I hate it when I’m walking to school and I shoot myself in the head. There’s no way to avoid that, either.