Most Responsible EVAH etc. Number Eleventygazillion

A Florida CCW holder is too scared to go to the emergency room without his handgun, I guess, and of course who wouldn’t be, with all of that rootin’ shootin’ going on in Tampa, where anyone can fire a gun in the air to stand his ground, etc. And of course the predictable happened:

TAMPA, Fla. — Deputies say a man accidentally fired a handgun while he was being treated for a medical issue at a hospital emergency room.

The 67-year-old Tampa man arrived at Town & Country Hospital around 1:20 a.m. Friday.

The Tampa Tribune ( reports that after being placed in a bed, the man removed a Glock 36 from his back pocket and took out the magazine. Deputies say that as he tried to clear the chamber his finger accidentally pulled the trigger.

Deputies say a .45-caliber round was fired through a chair and into the tile floor.

The man has a Florida concealed weapons permit. Deputies say the man immediately put the weapon down. There were no injuries.

Sheriff’s officials say the state attorney’s office was notified and no charges are planned.

No charges? Whyever not? Why do permit holders get a pass when they do something stupid with their guns? Aren’t we always told permit holders are the safetest, bestest, most wonderfullest ever? And when they’re not, the state’s just going to look the other way?

The state of Florida is unleashing these gun loonz on an unsuspecting public at an alarming rate. Expect to see more idiocy like this.

Which is why I stay the hell out of Florida. It’s time everyone stays out of Florida. Conventions, concert tours, you name it.


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  1. I have to go do my daddly duties with Buddy the Wonderdog, so, I’ll have to deal with teh gunzloonz nonsense after breakfast.

    In the meantime, Southern Beale…

    You’ve asked several times in the past, “Whither the flying cars (or jet packs)”, or words to that effect: