Look What They’ve Done To My Song

Yeah, I’m old. I don’t care who knows it, either. I’m old and grumpy and when I see stuff like last night’s Grammy Awards it just makes me want to laugh at how ridiculous pop music is today. Offa my lawn, etc.

Daft Punk? WTF? Sorry, but this made me laugh:


I saw the “robots” win two awards. They hugged each other and walked to the stage and stood there in their stupid helmets, not saying a word because they don’t speak but somehow won a musical award. I don’t get it. How fucking ridiculous. Is that supposed to be ironic or something? It’s crazy. We don’t even know who was inside those outfits. The Daft Punk guys could’ve been on a beach somewhere and sent understudies. [UPDATE: Ha! I was right!] We’d never know. Daft, indeed. Punk? Not so much. You kids today.

But honestly, the worst part of the show last night for me was supposed to be its best: the mass gay wedding presided over by Queen Latifah. Y’all know, I love the gays, I support gay marriage, but a mass wedding on an awards show televised on prime time? I mean, c’mon. Wow. That just trivialized the whole thing for me.

Our GLBT friends deserve to celebrate the many amazing victories — political and cultural — they’ve worked so hard for over the past few years. But a televised mass wedding on a music awards show sorta sends the opposite message of the fight for civil rights. You can’t frame your battle as having the same gravitas as the fight to overturn Jim Crow and then turn it into “razzle dazzle.” Fighting for rights is not showbiz. It was just tacky, tacky, tacky.


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17 responses to “Look What They’ve Done To My Song

  1. GregH

    Fortunately for all of us at some point or another, there is no accounting for taste. De gustibus non disputadum est.

  2. I watched the ritualized warfare of the NFL Pro Bowl from Hawaii on the other channel. Another form of exploitation to be sure but some great exterior shots of the islands and ocean.

  3. I watched the first two parts of the “Samurai Trilogy” starring Toshiro Mifune. Cartoonish, overt the top violence and total bathos in the romance scenes. Absolutely more believable than either the Grammy’s OR the Pro-Blow.

  4. Mary Wilson

    SB, I totally agree and could not stomach any of the tribute to idiocy and not much talent. There was not much music in the whole mess; the audience kept their mouths open in shock about the outfits, not glamorous dresses, but disgusting revelations of ‘private parts’ and bare bums.
    And frankly, I did watch the ProBowl, and it is never about wins and losses but sort of a tribute to good players who had great years as individuals, in spite of their teams.

  5. ThresherK

    Recorded a bunch of Grammyness, to be watched tonite with spouse.

    Downton Abbey and Sherlock rule Sunday nights in our home. (Also doesn’t hurt that Fox animation is on demand the day after.)

  6. Roadmaster1968

    The best music at the Grammys wasn’t televised.

  7. ‘Ere now, I’m 42 and I LIKE Daft Punk! They’re no worse than KISS, Madonna, or Lady Gaga in their public presentation, and I would say better than most because they don’t inflict themselves on the public like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bleeper.

    Get off my lawn, indeed. ~:)P

  8. Bitter Scribe

    So they wear helmets. Meh. ZZ Top wore sunglasses and beards.

  9. Didn’t watch, don’t care about that music.

    Getting married on TV is kind of sordid. I was hoping that gay marriage was at least going to be more tastefully done. I wonder if anyone’s thought of Gay Divorce Court. It would give me another reason to be glad to have dumped TV.

    • I love the idea of Gay Divorce Court. Brilliant! I’ve always said the main reason we need to legalize gay marriage is so we can have gay divorce. Divorce is bad enough when you have legal protections but when there’s nothing in the legal code recognizing property and whatnot, it’s Teh Suck.

  10. CB

    Y’all all need to cut out the razor soup for breakfast. I’m 62, and I’ve been listening to the same music my kids do for the last 20 years, which includes several of the artists featured in last night’s production. Is it the same as what I listened to in the 1960s? Not at all. Does that mean that it’s all bad all the time? Congratulations on turning into your parents.

    • CB

      By the way, they wrapped it up in a plastic bag and turned it upside down. So, there.

      • I have a friend who used to own a bar&grill. He had a kid who ran his kitchen that was a “Whigger” back in the 90’s. I was talking to the kid one night (he’s matured into a decent young man who STILL wishes he was a gangsta) when my buddy walked through to see how things were going. He heard some of the the gangsta rap that was on the kids ghetto blaster and started doin’ a shuffle goin, “Mothafuckah, mothafuckah, Kill-a-cop, Kill-a-cop…”.

        The kid looked at him with this mixture of grief and disdain and I said, “Don’t sweat it Chris, that’s what my old man thought the Beatles sounded like.”. He thought that was pretty damned funny.

        I don’t listen to enough “new” music to know whether I like it or not, nor will I be doing so.

    • Congratulations on turning into your parents.