Kids Today

Saw this ad posted on Craigslist yesterday:

I will pay someone $100 to write a mini-thesis for me. The paper is on the dangers of social media. It has to be a minimum of fifty pages with the appropriate citations.

The ad goes on to give specific details on things like what kind of paper to use, what typeface, paper margins, etc. And then there’s this:

Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Oh, the irony. One of the dangers of social media might be that college professors and administrators have seen this shit before — and they’re perfectly willing to nail your ass for cheating and plagiarism.

Note, he’s a cheap bastard, too: just $100? Seriously? Guy has a bright future in the Republican Party, no doubt.


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6 responses to “Kids Today

  1. deep

    (please be a hoax, please be a hoax)

  2. $20 says the $100 comes out of his allowance.

  3. Phantom 309

    Odds are he/she is already a member of Congress.

  4. I typed a comment yesterday and disappeared it when I hit, “Send”.

    I think we should contact the asshole and, for $100, type him up a paper that’s loaded with search triggers for an anti-plagiarism program. Then we should donate the money to some struggling small business owner. I have one in mind and if we get the money by 4:00 PM I can make it go twice as far.

  5. Origuy

    I’d charge more than $100 just to spend the time finding out what Integrated Studies are.

    • Sounds like a catch-call that basically means the student is allowed to study what they want to study and doesn’t have to study what they don’t want to study. In this case it appears the student just wants someone else to study what he is supposed to want to study.

      Or something.