Super Bowl Derp Alert


Atlanta anchorwoman Brenda Wood sets the haters straight:



Tea Partiers are in an uproar over Coca Cola’s multicultural ad which features people singing “America The Beautiful” in different languages. You can watch the ad here:

Now there’s a #BoycotCoke hashtag. It takes some special kind of stupid to want to boycott Coca Cola for their ad celebrating American diversity. There are a lot of reasons to boycott Coke — here’s one, your health is another — but an ad featuring kids singing doesn’t exactly top my list.

P.S. Among the many ironies here is the fact that RWNJs got so upset about America The Beautiful being sung in foreign languages that they completely ignored the same-sex couple at 0:43. Bwaaaha.


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18 responses to “Super Bowl Derp Alert

  1. Joseph Stans

    Indeed, and this is America and we are exceptional and we HAVE the special kind of stupid it takes to boycott anything positive. Coke: Keep and eye out for barefoot goons in bib overhauls carrying torches and pitchforks… just say’in.

  2. When will they ever get it! would love for them to really dig into their own genetics, dumb asses

    • Joseph Stans

      Nope. they won’t get it. I’m near 70 and they have never gotten it. Bu they do have a short attention span so something else will come up. Pretty soon it will be spring and they’ll be out mud running and shinning deer.

  3. Mary Wilson

    Hey, y’all, it seems that the TEAs are becoming so racist that they are in training to be KKKs,. Maybe they are working to earn their sheets and cone hats with crap like this?

  4. Must be because the TPers weren’t around for “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

    This is a beautiful ad. It almost makes me want a Coke, and I gave that stuff up many years ago (for the reasons you cite).

    I wonder if they understand how stupid they sound.

    • Anniemouse

      I was going to bring up, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, which became an American hit (I’m old; I remember performing it in grade school music class and Girl Scouts). The commercial featured people of all ethnic types on a hill singing together. Back then it was something good.

  5. They’re the same indignorant asswipes that were all upset when that “messican” kid sang the U.S. version of the :Horst Wessel Lied at the San Antonio/Miami game–even though the young man was born in San Antonio and is as “American” as it gets.

  6. greennotGreen

    I wish some other major corporation would air a commercial with another patriotic song (although “America the Beautiful” is ideal) sung in different languages, all of which are native American languages. Then let the racists complain about illegal immigrants!

  7. “I wonder if they understand how stupid they sound.”-onyxpnina.
    I think that not only do they know how they sound but they endeavor to one up each other with venomous redneck chic. Much chest-thumping ensues.

  8. deep

    Sorry to be a concern troll, but where in that Salon article does it say these people are with the TP?


    • Good point … If you read the bios of the Tweeters it’s a little more obvious. And some of the people speaking out are well known, like Allen West and Fox’s Todd Starnes.

      • deep

        ugh… I’ll be so happy when West becomes obsolete.

      • Joseph Stans

        There are really only two scores considering the attempted organization of the responses: the Tea Party or the Seriously Afflicted Ward of a mental Hospital. I could be either but I’m going with the TP because mental patients as a group lack the focus to target a group and two the tea Party is one of the few groups constantly capable of vile, disgusting, irrational attacks over trivia.

  9. And crown thy good with brotherhood…

  10. GregH

    Tea Party = pure inchoate rage in search of an object. Reason is irrelevant.