An Armed Society Is A Polite Society

Although that depends on your definition of “polite”:

TEMECULA ( — Authorities in Temecula say a man pulled a gun on a girl scout who was going door-to-door selling cookies Sunday.

The incident took place in the 31000 block of Strawberry Tree Lane.

Police responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call.

Officials said the victim, a minor, was selling cookies door-to-door when a resident opened his door and pointed a gun at the girl.

The scout’s father witnessed the alleged incident and called police.

The suspect has been identified as 59-year-old John Dodrill of Temecula.

America has lost its shit. And let me add, the majority of those losing their shit appear to be Penis Americans. I don’t know what’s happened with the testosterone-enhanced among us, but you guys need to take a Xanax or light up a doobie or something. This is primarily a male problem. The number of boys bringing guns to school or involved in gun accidents is astonishing. Last week’s gun report? All but one incident involved a male.

I’m no sociologist but I think there are some obvious reasons for this and maybe it’s time we take a gender-based approach to American Rage, those who experience it, those who act on it, and think up some healthier alternatives.


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  1. Mnemosyne

    Given where it was here in (Southern) California, you can’t discount meth as a factor. Just sayin’.

    • I thought Temecula was sort of an artsy, burgeoning wine community … Isn’t it near Fallbrook?

    • I don’t see Southern California as having a worse problem with methamphetamine than any other location in the country. There may be places that are safer, but the plague is nation-wide. The city of Temecula is a very quiet and somewhat orderly town. It’s basically fifty miles north of UC San Diego in La Jolla. And very near Fallbrook. Many families buy a house in Temecula to get a larger manse than they would be able to afford closer to San Diego and commute to work in San Diego County. There is also a bit of an old California and Western feeling to Old Temecula, west of I-15. Stop by the Temecula Stampede in your best Western duds for a promenade and line-dancing with your sweetheart. Real estate market is booming. All of the undeveloped land is quickly being built up with housing and strip malls destroying what was a bucolic country road on California 79 as little as 25 years ago. I’m not saying where my favorite camping and hiking are located. But I did see the magic Manzanita Forest in its bee-buzzing overhead glories before the big fire of 1989. Something which may not be seen again for a century.

  2. It’s entirely possible that this guy is honest to goodness, needs to be institutionalized paranoid. I think I heard somebody else mention Temecula as an area with a lot of Meth activity, so it’s possible that this guy is a tweaker who’s lost it. In any case, what this case shows is the importance of keeping guns out of the hands of people who are truly mentally ill.

    • Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict what a person will do. Today’s responsible gun owner is only identified as “truly mentally ill” after the fact.

      • In this case, at least, the guy is in a jurisdiction that is unlikely to laugh it off and say “no harm, no foul”. He is likely to be prosecuted, convicted, and deprived of his guns. That’s what happens in places with less crazy gun laws; places with actually sane gun laws might have kept the guy from having a gun in the first place.

  3. Joseph Stans

    I hope this does not start an epidemic of misandry across the country. Men, unfortunately, are raised to believe certain things taht are simply not true. those things are then deeply associated with the a deranged concept of “manhood”. The other side of that ugly coin is that many, maybe most, men find themselves unable to fulfill the expectations about manhood they were taught. So this sad impotent 59 year old has had anger building about his believed incompetency for years. He has no love or tenderness in his life and probably has not been in a satisfactory relationship with anything but his shriveled ego and his guns. I prefer a nice glass of wine a cuddle with my sweetie and a box of cookies – if that little turd ever gets here. If she doesn’t show up soon, I’m going to get my gun and … oh, wait, never mind.

    • There is no such thing as misandry any more than there is such a thing as reverse racism. Women generally love their men. Probably much more than we are capable of loving them. There will be no epidemic. Don’t call your woman a turd, especially in a public forum. You are very lucky to have her.

  4. That young lady is just lucky she wasn’t going door-to-door, on a rainy night, in Sanford, Fl. Just sayin’.

    BTW, Chiefie Kessler is about to get finished with Gilberton, PA. Maybe he’s looking for work with a PD near you!

  5. Proud member of the Temecula Tea Party Patriots. Google “John Dodrill” and “Temecula Tea Party.” Tweeted a few times @JohnDodrill, mostly worshipful paeans to Allen West and Rick Perry.

  6. Mary Wilson

    Gotcha, SB. These boys need to quit rubbin’ that steroid all over ’em. These fools believe that ragin’ lunatics are just what us girls want. WRONG.