Super Bowl Derp Alert v2.0

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……


I see a lot of Infowars bumper stickers plastered on road signs from coast to coast, in my own neighborhood and in my travels (here’s a sample from last summer). I have to wonder what kind of loon would spend their money and time on such an endeavor.


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10 responses to “Super Bowl Derp Alert v2.0

  1. I have to wonder if there is a way to scam some of these suckers.

    • I think Alex Jones beat you to it …

      • All you need to do is let it be known that Alex Jones is actually a double secret probation false-false flag operative, working for Obamandingo’s Thugbooted Nancyjacks and that only YOU know how to clean their computers to erase the links that he’s woven into their intertoobular matrices. The information that you have is VITAL to their continued existence and it is available for a piddling amount of money, less than they spend a week on Depends.

        Be sure to use, “JESUS”, “Hooooo Ahhhhhhhhhhh!, “In HIS name” and other things like that in your messages and, oh, yeah, LoTSa RanDUM cAPs and MiZZspelt wUrdS.

        You capeesh! Good,


      • I think there are plenty of rubes to go around.

  2. Hate to hijack but I’m surprised I haven’t seen any comments about the slick Scientology ad that went up right after the broadcast.

    • Yeah I saw that … weird because my Twitter feed was bitching and moaning about a Scientology ad all through the game and I’m like, “what! We didn’t see it!” We got ours at the end of the game.

      My first thought: at $4 mil bucks a pop, that’s a helluva lot of e-meter readings.

      My second thought: all of that gobbledy-speak about “spirituality married with technology” or whatever just sounded like a bunch of nonsense crafted for the tech set.

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  4. I’d never seen Bruno Mars, on anything, ever before. He was way competent but the people sitting around me who all DO know him from his being like, IT, for a while, didn’t pick up on the “Hardest workin’ man in rock’n’roll” motif until he did the trademark JB shuffle and splits.

    I would have never, in my most drug induced fantasies (equivalent to superior grade teabaggistanian logic) have dreamed that the HALF-TIME EXCESSTRAVAGANZA would be better than the entire game.

    • C B

      You took the words out of my keyboard, dc. Bruno Mars was fabulous, and I’m in Augusta; we have a statue of JB downtown. Only thing Bruno was missing was the cape. 🙂 The Chili Peppers were …… the Chili Peppers. The anthem was memorable. Beautifully done! Better music than football, all the way around.

      As for the game, I turned it off before it was over. I lived in Buffalo for 25 years, and it was starting to look like one of those old Bills-Cowboys Super Bowls. I just couldn’t take it any more.

      • I live in Oswego and was talking to a friend who is a Bills fan since birth. He said all he could think of, especially after the half, was that it was about as bad as any Bills’ Superbowl game, evah.