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• February 4, 2014:

1- Several guns were stolen from a home in Paris.

2- Respect the culture, etc. etc.:

Report: Gun fired in fight over Nikes

The Maury County Sheriff’s Department is investigating whether an argument over a pair of shoes led to a gun being fired, according to an incident report.

Deputies responding to a fight over a handgun about 10 p.m. Monday at 1826 Autumn Lane in Columbia heard the first of two conflicting stories. Brandies N. Austin, 33, told authorities she lived at the house and that 33-year-old Leann Franks had been staying there for about a week, according to the report. Franks was not at the house when deputies arrived.

Austin told deputies Franks wanted to go to Nashville that night, but Austin would not drive her. According to the report, Franks then allegedly pulled a gun on Austin, who tripped over a dog and fell on the floor while trying to move away from the gun.

According to the report, Franks then got on top of Austin. With her back against the floor, Austin told deputies she grabbed a white elephant figurine and smashed it against Franks’ head. Franks ran out of the house and got into a truck.

Deputies found Austin’s three children were inside the house at the time of the incident. Austin’s 14-year-old son told authorities he heard a gun go off. Deputies looked around the house for evidence of a gun being fired, but didn’t find any.

They asked Austin if a gun had been fired during the altercation. According to the report, she told deputies no shots had been fired, and that her son had actually heard Austin smashing the figurine against Frank’s head.

According to the report, the authorities then found a .45-caliber shell casing lying on the floor between the living room and the kitchen. Austin’s son then showed deputies a bullet hole in the couch that went all the way through the couch and into the floor.

Austin then told deputies she had been sitting on the couch when Franks fired the gun. According to the report, there was blood on Austin’s pant leg.

Deputies searched for the gun at the house, but did not find a weapon. Later in the night, detectives executed a search warrant and Austin told them the gun was in a camper in the back yard.

Franks told deputies inside the emergency room around 11 p.m. that she and Austin had gotten into an argument over a pair of Nike tennis shoes Franks was wearing. Austin told Franks to take off the shoes because they belonged to her. According to the report, Austin then pulled out a gun on Franks, who asked Austin what she was going to do with a gun.

According to the report, Austin responded by cocking the gun.

The two then started to wrestle over the gun and fell onto the couch, according to the report. Franks told deputies Austin then hit her in the ear with the butt of the gun, and that’s when a bullet was fired into the couch.

Franks said a friend arrived at the house as she ran out and drove her to the emergency room.

No one was arrested, and the case remains under investigation.

So glad idiots like this are armed. /sarcasm

3- UT-Knoxville was on lockdown last night after a shooting sent three to the hospital.

• February 3, 2014:

1- A Tennessee man arrested in New Jersey last month for having a handgun without a permit has had his bail reduced.

• February 2, 2014:

1- A man entered a Cookeville church and shot a woman, believed to be his wife, and his sister in law, then turned the gun on himself.

2- A Murfreesboro elementary school teacher is facing animal cruelty charges after fatally shooting her neighbors’ cat because it was using her children’s sandbox as a litter box. WTF? Like a cat is supposed to know the difference? It’s a cat, for crying out loud! The cat’s owners are devastated, and said the neighbor never even let them know there was a problem. They came home and found their pet bleeding to death. What a horrible woman.

3- In Memphis, a man is in jail after shooting at another man over an unpaid $4 debt. Yes, you read that right: $4:

Police say Brim and a neighbor were outside his home on Kansas arguing over $4 the neighbor owed Brim, but the neighbor didn’t have the cash. That’s when Brim went inside his home, pulled out a rifle and shot at the man several times.

He’s now in jail on a $30,0000 bond.

• January 29, 2014:

A man threatened his neighbors with a rifle. Or as they call it in east Tennessee, Wednesday.

• January 26, 2014:

• A Maryville woman fired at police officers at a Hilton hotel near the Knoxville airport:

Alcoa Police were initially made aware of a woman believed to be suicidal. Officers found her car outside of the Hilton Hotel and verified that she had checked in to the hotel.

Officers tried to talk to the woman through her hotel room door when they heard the first gun shot. The second shot came through the door toward the officers. That’s when they called in the Deputies from the sheriff’s office.

Silver surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. “He’s now in jail on a $30,0000 bond.”

    It should be $29,996! They oughta make the other guy pony up that $4!! Actually, I can see a judge with an evil sense of humor, reducing the bail to that amount. Sorta like the guy out in the Southwest somewhere. When the judge sentenced him to something like a triple life + 99 years, he told the judge:

    “I could never serve that long a sentence.!”.

    The judge’s reply:

    “Do as much as you can.:”.

  2. Mary Wilson

    I am so damned sick of losing our young people to the absolutely idiotic, careless, irresponsible gun owners, or however these shooters get their hands on guns. I wrote 3 ‘comments’ today about the 3 people ‘wounded but will probably recover’ who were in apartment building one block from our UT Knoxville campus. If any of the 3 die, I am blaming Ron Ramsey, of course Stacey Campfield and the NRA ‘presence’ in our dimwit legislators who want EVERYONE in TN to be able to buy a gun anywhere, carry the fire arms in public parks, churches, in car trunks at work and if Stacey gets his way, ON COLLEGE campuses. It does not matter WHY shootings happen. The end result is always ‘accidental’. And we have had shootings on Cumberland Ave, that runs through our campus recently. I would not blame any parent if they pulled their kids out of this school. Check out all the ‘new’ bills proposed this year about guns, and some that Stacey and his ilk are bringing back for a second chance at passage. Thanks for letting me rant. I have been to too many funerals here in my neighborhood.