More Hannity Hilarity

As you may have heard, Tennessee Republican Rep. Andy Holt has a resolution inviting Sean Hannity “and like-minded New Yorkers” to move to Tennessee. This came after Hannity got his fee-fee’s hurt when Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, quite rightly, that “extreme Republicans” won’t win elections in New York state. (Cuomo’s actual comments have been distorted and taken out of context by the perpetually butthurt Fox News crowd and got twisted into “Cuomo said Republicans aren’t welcome in New York state.” But that is not what he said or meant.)

Holt’s resolution quickly passed a Republican House committee and will be taken up by the full House tomorrow. And Tennessee Democrats have added some hilarious amendments.

Such as:

By adding the following whereas clause immediately after the first whereas clause:

WHEREAS, Tennessee is proud to be the home of New York native,
conservative icon, and star of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Senator Stacey Campfield of Knoxville; and


By adding the following whereas clause immediately preceding the final whereas clause:

WHEREAS, Tennessee, unlike New York, will soon offer voters the chance to
purchase their wine in grocery stores; and

And also:

By adding the following whereas clause immediately after the eighth whereas clause:

WHEREAS, Tennessee’s Republican Governor recognized the importance of our citizens’ liberty and freedom when he vetoed legislation aimed at curtailing our first amendment rights; and

The above, I believe, relates to this. And finally, my favorite:

By adding the following whereas clause immediately after the third whereas clause:

WHEREAS, unlike the state of New York, Tennessee’s Republican majority in the House and Senate are so dedicated to Republican party principles that they have ignored the will of the people and decided to send two and one-half million dollars ($2.5 million) a day in federal funds to other states in order to deny up to three hundred thirty thousand (330,000) working men and women access to quality, affordable healthcare; and

I’d say these amendments are stupid except they’re actually, in my opinion, very pointed statements about Republican hypocrisy. Meanwhile, nothing is stupider than wasting the legislature’s time on inviting Sean Hannity to move to Tennessee.

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22 responses to “More Hannity Hilarity

  1. Meanwhile, nothing is stupider than wasting the legislature’s time on inviting Sean Hannity to move to Tennessee.

    Oh ye of little faith! At least this is a more or less neutral action that just wastes time. That’s a big step up from enacting genuinely harmful legislation, which is what Republican legislatures normally spend their time doing.

  2. Joseph Stans

    Please tell me you’ll take him! I have also sent a note to West Virgina and Mississippi. Just in case …

  3. Mark Rogers

    I think it is stupid to talk about moving if your side loses an election. The greatest reason America is successful as a self-governing nation is that we know that losing elections isn’t the end. There will be new elections every two and four years.

    Having said that, at least Hannity is putting his money where his mouth is. I remember all the whining liberals who promised to leave America if Bush was re-elected in 2004. To my knowledge they are all still here.

    And Hannity is leaving New York just as Governor Cuomo is enacting a package of economic incentives comparable to anything offered by Tennessee to recruit new businesses. Cuomo is also dramatically slashing New York’s obscene estate tax to one of the lower levels in America.

    New York may be recruiting Republicans after all.

    • I would be shocked if Hannity actually puts his money where his mouth is and moves. The Fox studio is in New York, after all.

      • Mark Rogers

        Or he moves to Connecticut or New Jersey for a year and slips back.

        Hannity is no hero of mine. If he says he will move, then he damned well should or lose credibility.

      • …Kinda like when he weaseled out of being waterboarded for charity when someone actually took him up on it?

    • “Having said that, at least Hannity is putting his money where his mouth is. I remember all the whining liberals who promised to leave America if Bush was re-elected in 2004. To my knowledge they are all still here.”

      I see that your time away has been spent, needlessly, becoming even more clueless than you were previously.

      I’m quite sure that there were many, many democrats/independents who did say such a thing. Y’know what though? I can’t think of one with the “brand recognition” of that odious sack-o-shit, Ted Nugent, but gimme a few years and I’m sure I’ll be able to. Yeah, I know, both sides do it. Except they don’t.

      I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any initiatives–in ANY democratically controlled state houses– currently winding their way into law that are offering “political refugee” status to anyone like Seanny who just happens to be on the left side of the political spectrum (or anyone else, afaia).

      The people that run your precious GOP are fucking braindead. You fit right in.

    • ThresherK

      “All the”?

      You have a counting problem.

      And when it comes to putting their whiny moneys where mouths are, when did Prick Erry and Texans stop talking about secession?

  4. Mary Wilson

    Oh, Lordy. I cannot live the rest of my life being so angry at the ignorant. So I look for humor in these tales of the ludicrous. This one reminds me of our Knox County Mayor, known now for his ‘Campfield-like stupid human tricks to get attention to our Knox County. He is friends of the producers of those reality shows about ‘hunting for Big Foot’ and invited them here to search in an episode. It was truly a joke. but these doofuses are apparently SERIOUS…..ha ha ha

  5. Yutsano

    Oh good gravy. Hannity won’t go anywhere where he can’t be in the spotlight at all times. And he can’t pull a Rush and set up a studio in his home. So he either stays in New York or his show is over.

  6. Yutsano

    FYWP is hating me.

    But Nutball Hannity isn’t going anywhere where he can’t be the centre of attention. If he moves from NYC both his radio & TV shows are done. And he knows that.

  7. Poor Seannie. You s’pose his abrupt decision has anything to do with the ongoing saga of his phony charity?

  8. Mary Hackett Graham

    I dunno. Every legislative minute they spend on that, they’re not doing some other damage.

  9. I think leaving liberal strongholds is a common meme with these types. When democrats swept all eight top state offices in 2010, a guy working at the Dixieline Lumber said he was ready to retire to Arizona. Tea Partiers in Southern California say that they love the climate, but the politics is something else. They’re not complaining about republican domination in San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties either. Even church guys fantasize about moving to Texas in the midst of a lovely fall afternoon at somebody’s house eating good food around a pool. I head them off at the pass before it gets political and concede that people just aren’t as friendly as they used to be!

    • I know plenty of liberals who threaten to leave Tennessee and many who are actively looking elsewhere. However, I’m of the hope that if we get more liberals to leave blue states and move to red states, we can kick out the bastards. Come to Nashville, y’all! :-)

  10. Greg H.:

    You just need to adjust your attitude. Become a Teapublican and you can do great things, just so long’s you don’t mind fucking everybody that isn’t in your clan.

    The U.S. is beginning to resemble that corner of MurKKKa where the Hatfields and McCoys live.