Tennessee Gun Report

Three accidental shootings this week — two of them fatalities, for those of you keeping track. That’s not counting the usual rash of drug and gang-related gun violence (we get three or four shootings a day here in Nashville).

• February 12, 2014:

A Memphis 16-year-old has been charged after bringing a .22 and ammo to school.

• February 11, 2014:

1- A 4-year-old Memphis boy accidentally shot and killed himself with a gun he found in his apartment.

2- Someone shot and killed killed a Smyrna woman’s pet horse after shooting it multiple times. (ED’s Note: fucking pedants, y’all happy now? Geez.)

3- In Antioch, a woman fired a gun at a dog inside their condo. That escalated into a shootout with police:

According to police, they kicked open the door and the woman threatened them with the gun. They said they were forced to fire at her in an effort to protect themselves.

Hutcherson was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where officials said she was in critical condition. Her daughter told police that her mother was depressed and upset about family issues at the time of the incident.

A three-year-old child was also in the home at the time of the incident, along with Hutcherson’s son-in-law and son.

Seems like that all could have been avoided. It also seems like the police are waaay too trigger happy these days. Also, with all of that shooting going on, I’d love to know if the dog survived.

• February 6, 2014:

1- A 23-year-old man in Gallatin was accidentally shot in the chest and is in critical condition.

2- Three high school sophomores in Henderson County have been suspended after allegedly bringing guns and drugs onto campus.

• February 5, 2014:

1- A Jackson man accidentally shot himself in the leg, then tried to tell police someone else shot him. They’ve determined it was an accidental, self-inflicted wound.

I don’t know why people try to blame these accidental shootings on fictitious assailants, it’s not like gun negligence is ever prosecuted these days, anyway.

2- A Sullivan County 17-year-old faces multiple charges after bringing a pistol onto the school bus, pointing it at three people, and threatening to kill another student. Kids today.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. “-A 4-year-old Memphis boy accidentally shot and killed himself with a gun he found in his apartment.”

    That ‘ll teach that stupid, little tyke-o-perp from playin’ with other people’s toys!

    “Someone shot and killed a Smyrna woman’s pet horse multiple times.”

    I know how much you love animals and you also don’t make mistakes very often in your reportage, but was that a werehorse? {;>)

    You know, I’ve never made a practice of compiling reports of shootings, accidental or otherwise in NY but I think I can safely say that TN has a fuckton more of them than what happens up here.

    According to this:


    TN with a population of 1/3 that of NY has about 57% of the number of homicides. If TN’s rate (6.0/100K) was applied to NY it would mean about 1170 instead of 688. If’n we use a couple of other Gunzloonz paradisez like Texas (4.4/100K) and Aryanzona’s (5.5/100K) rates we come up with 864 and 1081 respectively, proving that TN is a far superior target-o-perp environment for GunzloonzMurKKKa than either of those states.

    “The NRA; makin’ MurKKKa safe by eliminating targets, one at a time*”

    * Or in wholesale lots in Newtowne, CT, Aurora, CO and other selected cities–perhaps one near YOU!