We All Saw This One Coming

Jamie Coots, the snake-handling Pentecostal preacher I wrote about last October, was bitten by a snake yesterday and has died.

What a charlatan and a scam artist. He abused, starved and dehydrated his reptiles to make them more docile, then pretended it was GOD doing a miracle. And along comes NatGeo to sell ads off the spectacle? Sick.


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7 responses to “We All Saw This One Coming

  1. Joseph Stans

    I’m guessing the snakes or god caught on to his scam. His followers never will. Both god and snakes work in mysterious ways. However, my money is always on the snakes.

  2. Joseph Stans

    For those with an unnatural interest in the culture of the South:

    You will find virtually limit less entertainment. As my father said, you will not find so many people doing dumb things so close to ether as you will in the South.

  3. Randy

    “Hey Ya’ll! Watch ‘is.”

    Let us pray.

  4. Heh. I wonder if someone actually =did= what I suggested – slip a few strong, well-fed wild ones into the box…

    (yeah, I know, not very civil of me, but eh – this fucker was askin’ for it…)

  5. I wonder if he was speaking in tongues and rollin’ round on the floor afore he went to JESUS,

  6. David

    unfortunately, this dumb-ass had already reproduced and therefore his death offers no genetic benefit

  7. Will the hymns for the memorial service include the Jim Stafford’s, “Spiders and Snakes” or Steve Earles’, “Copperhead Road”?