Ironic GunFAIL Du Jour


Oooh got another one, it’s a Florida two-fer:

A concealed weapon permit holder showing off his pistol late Sunday inside Miller’s Orlando Airport Ale House and accidentally shot one victim, according to Orlando police.

John A. Smith drew the .45-caliber Kimber pistol show its safety features to a friend when he fired it into the floor, a report stated.

A piece of the bullet struck Leanabel Torres-Rodriguez, 22, leaving a small wound above her right ankle.

Erm, maybe he should have been a tad more familiar with the gun’s safety features, ya think? Now, remind me why we don’t want these loons carrying liability insurance?


God does indeed have a sense of humor:

Corrections officer accidentally fires gun at Shooters, police say

An off-duty Miami-Dade corrections officer reaching into his pocket for a valet ticket Saturday evening accidentally triggered his concealed handgun, firing a round that sent ricocheting shrapnel into six or more patrons people, according to police.

One of those injured was treated at Broward Health Medical Center and others were treated on the scene, according to Fort Lauderdale Det. DeAnna Greenlaw.

The shooting happened about 7:30 p.m. and drew a large emergency response that included at least six police cars, a fire truck and two ambulances.

The corrections officer had been dining in the bar area near the waterfront, police said, when his gun went off. He immediately called his supervisor and remained at the restaurant where he was interviewed by Miami-Dade internal affairs officers, according to Capt. Frank Sousa. The officer’s name was not released Sunday by authorities.

“He did everything he was supposed to do,” said Sousa.

Umm, no. If he “did everything he was supposed to do” this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

So glad our Tennessee State Legislators want to make sure more incidents like this happen.


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8 responses to “Ironic GunFAIL Du Jour

  1. From the article:

    “This was an accident that could have happened anywhere.”

    ‘Zackly! I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been standing on line at my local sports bar and had my cellphone start ringing during the national anthem, annoying GOD knows how many people!

  2. Randy

    Couldn’t help think of this blog when I caught a snippet of a network news broadcast Sunday morning about how Hartsfield in Atlanta leads the world in gun confiscations. Georgia legislators are contemplating reducing the penalty for registered gun owners who inadvertently arrive at the airport with their weapon. Seems to me knowing where one’s weapon was would be an essential component of licensure but what do I know?

    • I saw that story about Georgia. Seems a tad hypocritical to me that state legislators’ big idea when the Most Responsible EVER prove themselves not so responsible is to change the law. I mean, I guess it’s too much to ask of these super-responsible gun owners to keep track of where their dang guns are. /sarcasm

  3. Mary Wilson

    And Lordy, SB, I just realized it is gun toting fools like this ‘officer’ that I fear most….what are the numbers here in Tennessee for ‘accidental shootings/ per week? And of that number, how many are ‘off-duty’ or ‘retired’ law who work as ‘school guards’? Sure there are a few ‘gangs’ who ‘accidently’ shoot the wrong drug dealer. But idiocy reigns here. Little children die every week from their Daddy’s gun left on a table, and teens apparently take SOMEBODY’s loaded gun to SCHOOL to show it off…blah blah.
    And Campfield and Ramsey are getting paid too much money by the NRA to EVER stop with their ‘new’ gun bills. It is a shame. Tennessee is a better State than this…but we have become the laughing stock of the country.

  4. …Sooooooo, ridin’ around with one in the pipe is Standard Procedure?!?!

    Like the time it takes to work the fuckin’ slide is gonna mean life or death?!!!

    jesus h christ onna thrice-blessed pogostick, these people are fucking stupid – it’s a fucking WONDER that more of them haven’t shot themselves in the ass…

  5. GregH

    Wow. Communist social scientists claim a link between repeal of gun purchasing restrictions and gun murders. Freedom-hating pinko Muslim terrorists! Must have degrees from some liberal elite egghead institution like Harvard or Oxford or some other silly lefty ivorytower.

  6. Joseph Stans

    I have long maintained that it is not guns but those damn valet tickets the look and feel just like guns.

    • “When questioned by authorities, the valet maintained that he had emptied th contents of his Glock’s extended magazine (30 rounds), 3 of which hit the decedent who was standing 4′ away, because the decedent’s threatening gesture (to wit: reaching into his pocket for his ticket) made him fear for his life–and, besides that, the guy was a repeat shitty tipper, also, too.”