He’s Not Racist BUT ….

Good grief, don’t know how I missed this one from last week:

Filmed at the church April 24, the 17-minute video has racked up nearly 40,000 views on YouTube in less than two weeks, and it has some websites asking whether Reagan is the most racist pastor in America.

“My god has nationalities outside the city,” Reagan says in the video, going into the gist of his argument that he doesn’t consider it right to marry white people with black people, continually calling such relationships “hybreeding.”

“Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh, how terrible, hybreeding,“ he says. “What white woman would want her baby to be mulatto, made by a colored man? Let’s stay the way God made us. I believe it’s right.”

This lunacy comes from the pastor of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in, you guessed it, Johnson City, Tennessee.

This gets me:

“I feel terrible,” Reagan said. “I’ve been sick since it came out and haven’t eaten in days.”

As terrible as Reagan feels, he’s not backing off the message. He said he’s seen the hardships those in biracial relationships have felt, and though he admits a lot of it has to do with being in a conservative area, he wouldn’t officiate biracial weddings in other parts of the country either.

Wow. Wonder if it ever occurred to this racist fuckwad that the hardships biracial couples experience are a direct result of the words and actions of people like Brother Donny Reagan?

But ya know, it’s so cool that he reminds us that he’s not racist and even has some black friends. Got it.

Watch the sermon here:


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8 responses to “He’s Not Racist BUT ….

  1. Phantom 309

    He’s just another waste of food and air. As are his followers.

  2. Joseph Stans

    WOW! This guy is just terrified. All Christians are terrified but this guy is so afraid he feels compelled to share his fear with others. I suppose he would be cranky if my wife, a luxuriant Australian Cashmere goat, came to service on Sunday?

  3. democommie

    As I said on another blog with a post about this psychotic asshat, he’s obviously never been to the Cape Verde Islands or seen any of their beautiful Portugese African ladies (or Brazil, come to think on it). I vote that we see if the Cobbs can send him their ex-prophet’s stage props.

    Joseph Stans:

    Take it from me, CashMurKKKan marriages are not that uncommon back in the hollerz!

  4. Happy Valley. That is so cute.

  5. Wonder if he knows there’s more genetic diversity among the dark skinned peoples of Africa than between the white and black residents of Johnson City?

  6. democommie

    He looks like Jimmy Johnson’s brother.