Next Time Keep Yer Yaps Shut, Tennessee Republicans

Uh-oh, looks like Sen. Bob Corker has embarrassed himself and maybe cost the entire South some jobs:

Reuters reports this morning that Volkswagen’s “top labor representative” has threatened to block any future expansion plans in the South, citing conservative interference in the United Auto Workers vote in Chattanooga.

Quoting an interview with a German newspaper, the news service reports Bernd Osterloh, head of VW’s works council, as saying he can imagine further expansion in the United States, but it probably won’t be in the South unless some sort of labor representation is established in the Chattanooga plant. Workers in Germany have representation on corporate boards, giving them a say in citing decisions.

Osterloh’s remarks seem to contradict statements by U.S. Sen. Bob Corker and others that Chattanooga would get another vehicle if workers rejected UAW representation. Osterloh describes such talk as conservative “interference.”

Hey, Senator Corker: Thanks for nothing, asshole.

Interfering in a manufacturing plant’s business, is that how this “small government” stuff works? Is that how Republicans show they’re “pro-business” and “pro jobs”?

Let’s be real, “small government” and “pro-business” are just Frank Luntz-crafted slogans used to dupe the rubes. As always, when reality collides with conservative ideology, it’s the ideology which wins. “Unions are bad, nobody wants ’em, corporations hate ’em, they’re anti-business and kill jobs, whasthatyasay?”

Man, everything you guys touch just turns to shit, doesn’t it?

What’s so funny is that when Corker said VW would really move their next expansion to Mexico if Chattanooga workers approved the UAW he forgot to mention that Mexico’s VW plant is union. Dumb and dumber.

I suppose this means Tennessee Republicans will go back to looking for jobs in ladies vaginas. Aw who am I kidding, they don’t care about jobs, they care about making themselves and their friends wealthier.

Major FAIL, Senator. Major FAIL.


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8 responses to “Next Time Keep Yer Yaps Shut, Tennessee Republicans

  1. Joseph Stans

    You knew this wold not turn out well for Corker and the Republicans. Rule: is do not tangle with goal oriented tough minded management especially when they are German. I will not be satisfied with anything less than Corkers public humiliation. But beating him would be a bonus.

  2. …And not a =peep= of this will you hear on Faux Noise.

    Hopefully Corker is up for re-election soon…

  3. Mary Wilson

    Sorry, but Corker is not up until 2016; it is Lamar’s turn this year…we really need someone to run against Haslam…he already has the family fortune plus $5 million in his campaign purse. Sorry, that is the rest of the story.

    • Yeah I don’t know why we don’t have good candidates running because we do have good Democrats in this state. Our state party needs a major overhaul, it’s been that way since I can remember tho

  4. Hey, if they want to send jobs North, I’m OK with that. Though I’ll be interested in seeing of their constituents are.

  5. democommie

    Republicans hate unions, the poor, women, the blacks, teh GAY, non-KKKristians and yet they still get about HALF the country to vote for them. I don’t know whether it bothers me more that a lot of their base is stupid or that a lot of their base are sociopathic.

  6. I want to see a statement from someone in VW Management outside the Workers Council that there had never been discussions with Corker, Haslem or any other public official about the future plans for the factory.