Death Of An NRA Talking Point

The pants-wetters of the pro-NRA crowd have always argued that the Second Amendment is the only thing protecting American citizens from tyranny, i.e. American citizens need to arm themselves so they can take over the government if they need to.

This is a ridiculous assertion on a lot of levels, not the least of which being the far right has always supported expanding our armed forces, too. We now have the world’s largest military, spending over $554 billion a year for this show of strength, and any attempt to cut the Pentagon’s budget is met with screams and hollers about “protecting the homeland” and “liberals make us less safe,” and other BS. So yes, Joe and Jane Teabagger, do tell me how you’re going to out-gun the largest military the world has ever known, please I’m dying to hear. How are Gus and Jethro down in the holler going to do what the Russians and Chinese haven’t?

But anyway, that’s all beside the point, as Joe Nocera made an excellent observation this weekend about Ukraine:

Ukraine, a nation of 45 million people, has restrictive laws governing private gun ownership. The government is in possession of more than seven million guns, while three million weapons, both legal and illicit, are in the hands of private citizens, creating a staggering gulf in firepower. By comparison, in the United States, there are 310 million guns in private hands, with only 3.85 million possessed by the military and police forces.

And yet, these “largely unarmed Ukrainian protestors” took on “a military armed with the world’s sixth-largest inventory of small arms” and just overthrew their government. The president has been ousted, a new president has been put in place — despite the disparity in firepower. Amazing, isn’t it?

I’ve said from day one that anyone interested in overthrowing their tyrannical overlords, either in some future America or anywhere else in the world, is better off learning to write computer code, not fire an AR-15. Of course, expecting people pretending to be leading players in their “Red Dawn” fantasies to care about reality is a stretch.


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9 responses to “Death Of An NRA Talking Point

  1. Thank you. I’ve raised many an eyebrow here on the Highland Rim by suggesting that ole Andy Jackson and his Tennessee Volunteers would be evaporated before they got to the Virginia state line if they ever decided to overthrow the Nat’l Gov’t. in this day and time. But even so the 2nd amendment types seem to take some comfort dying with a gun in their hands. It’s a sort of fetish thing, no?

  2. deep

    Well there are some differences here to your average teabagger fantasy. For one, the Ukranian police started defecting a lot towards the end there and many government officials also supported his ouster. On the other hand if some teahadist wants to follow in the footsteps of David Koresh, they’ll find themselves with very few sympathizers in the military or even among the national citizenry.

    Well, of course except for the conspiracy theorists who are convinced that O’bama set the fire personally even though he was just a kid at the time. Or somethings…

  3. Mary Wilson

    And thanks, especially to Deep, for the Koresh reference, because that nutcase managed to claim he was all about ‘religious freedom, while holding members of his ‘sect’ hostage, raping some of them, and stock-piling enough fire power to blow up East Texas. He then shut the doors when he knew he would be defeated and forced men, women and children, some of them HIS children to DIE. Yes a perfect example of a madman with guns and ammo. SB, your take on this aspect of the ‘2nd Amendment haters’ is perfect.

  4. Bitter Scribe

    As Deep says, events in Ukraine had a lot more to do with the power structure turning against Yanukovych than with who did and didn’t have guns.

    • But it’s always that way! That’s how the Egyptians got rid of their dictator. That’s how every revolution happens. That’s what’s so retarded about the wingers “we’re gonna take on the US army” fantasies in the first place. If real tyranny comes to America the redneck brigade isn’t going to single-handedly take on the U.S. forces with all of our advanced weaponry, naval and air forces, etc. That’s just fucking delusional.

    • “That’s just fucking delusional.” -SB. Hey…I don’t make our hostesses incisive political commentary required reading for nothing.

  5. The other side of this NRA talking point is- look at the successes. How often does this year’s freedom fighter become next year’s dictator? Anyone willing to shoot some people to overthrow the government is probably willing to shoot a few people to keep the one they establish in place.

  6. “It can’t happen here.” Frank Zappa