First They Came For The Immigrants

Delaware’s governor says if Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs her state’s law legalizing gay discrimination, the NFL should move next year’s Super Bowl elsewhere. The 2015 Super Bowl is supposed to be held in Glendale, AZ.

To this I say, yes, a thousand times yes. There need to be some big repercussions for those who legislate hate. For that matter, concert tours should bypass the state and big conventions should stay away, too.

But let me point out, I’ve been saying this since Arizona first legalized discrimination with its heinous “papers, please” law. And while a few artists decided to boycott Arizona then, not enough cared or paid attention. I said we needed to “nip this crap in the bud” four years ago, and did you people listen? No, you didn’t. And look where we are today.

We let Arizona come for the immigrants and now they’ve come for the gays. You think these people are going to stop legislating their cultural beliefs? How do you people think the Taliban got started? That’s where this is headed. First it was the immigrants and hey, they’re an easy target. Then it was the gays, under the guise of “religious freedom.” Who’s next: women? Muslims? Atheists?

Until the state of Arizona feels some actual repercussions for its actions, it will keep legislating hate.

You gonna endorse that, Miley Cyrus? Cher? Billy Joel? James Taylor?


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8 responses to “First They Came For The Immigrants

  1. GregH

    Tennessee will not be left behind in the race to institutionalize bigotry & bullying based on religion and sexual/gender identification!

    On Tuesday, February 25, at 3:30 pm CST, the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up SJR 0534 by *Summerville , Bowling, Gresham, Campfield, Bell, Niceley, Hensley.
    This is a Constitutional Amendment that would put discrimination against LGBT people in the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.

    On Tuesday, February 25, the House Education Committee will hear HB 1547 by *Rogers , Moody, Goins, DeBerry J, Shipley, Pody, Ragan, Womick, Floyd, McCormick, Casada, Weaver, Kane, White D, Dean, Brooks K, Evans, Eldridge, Holt, Powers, Hill T, Hill M, Windle, Van Huss, Swann.
    This bill is another attempt to permit individuals to bully or discriminate in schools based on religious prejudice.

  2. Jan Brewer may be evil, but she is not particularly stupid. This idea is a non-starter. The Super Bowl thing only brings it into sharp focus.

    No fucking way!

  3. The funny thing is, they =already= got fucked hard by their bigotry, once before: by not recognizing MLK’s birthday in 1989, they put themselves on the receiving-end of a shitstorm that ultimately lost them the Super Bowl that year to California.