Tennessee Gun Report

Four accidental shootings reported this week, two in Greeneville and two in Memphis. The Memphis shootings were fatal.

Carry on, nothing to see here ….

• February 25, 2014:

1- Congratulations, Derrick Lee Thornton! You are Chattanooga’s 20th shooting victim of the year!

2- A passenger at Tri-Cities Regional Airport tried to board a plane with not one but two loaded weapons in their carry-on. Two guns? TWO? One wasn’t enough? You needed them both?

3- A Memphis 15-year-old accidentally shot and killed his 13-year-old friend early Tuesday morning. The two were playing with a gun when the weapon fired, killing Cartrial Robinson. Nobody knows where the gun came from, though I suspect one of the adults owned the weapon because of this:

Police originally were told Robertson showed up at a home in the 600 block off Hillcrest Street just before 3a.m. with a gunshot wound and collapsed.

When you start out lying to the police about what happened, there’s probably a lot more going on, too.

• February 24, 2014:

• It’s a Greeneville two-fer! Two accidental shootings were reported, one of a 7-year-old boy who was injured while squirrel hunting.

• February 23, 2014:

1- Remember that awful case from last November where 72-year-old Ronald Westbrook, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, wandered into a guy’s yard in the middle of the night and the homeowner shot and killed him? Here’s an update: shooter Joe Hendrix still hasn’t been indicted.

2- Meanwhile in Memphis, 23-year-old Courtney Hatch was sitting in the back seat of a car looking at a gun he thought wasn’t loaded. Guess what: it was. Seventeen-year-old Kennedra Miles was shot and killed in the car’s front seat. He’s black though, so he was charged right away with reckless homicide.

• February 20, 2014:

A Tennessee State University football player was shot outside a West Nashville Walmart in what is believed to be a road-rage incident:

According to the statement, Carter told police he was headed to a local restaurant when a man open fired on him after blocking the intersection he was approaching. Carter said when he drove up on the sidewalk to pass that’s when he was shot.

So glad people are carrying their guns with them everywhere.

• February 18, 2014:

An Athens woman says she was shot in the ear by a stray bullet as she was driving in the morning. The incident is still under investigation.


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  1. Squirrel hunting? Teach cruelty to the muppets.

  2. The guy with two gunz needed both in case one failed. One was a semi-automatic. They don’t got no “fully automatic” gunz, just fully automatic excuses.