Good News Friday

Sorry this is late, it’s been a busy morning here. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know whatever happened to Baghdad’s bizarre Virgin Mary-worshipping Imam? I’m dying to know if he ended up in a ditch somewhere.

And now on to our regularly scheduled programming. Without further ado:

• Walt Disney World ends its support of the Boy Scouts of America over its continued ban on gay troop leaders.

• Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the state’s anti-gay law.

• The White House is hosting the very first student film festival.

• A federal judge has ruled Texas’ ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

• Related: Kentucky now recognizes same-sex marriages performed out of state.

• The Southern Poverty Law Center notes a decline in the number of hate groups.

• IKEA and the UN Refugee Agency have launched a program called Brighter Lives For Refugees which will raise money to install solar-powered street lights and renewable energy in refugee camps around the world.

• New research shows the obesity rate for young children has dropped 43% over the past 10 years, a decline so steep even researchers were stunned.

• Awesome New Pope says to stop hating on divorced people.

• NBA player Jason Collins, who came out last spring, has apparently signed with the Brooklyn Nets, making him the NBA’s first openly gay active player.

• Amtrak is offering “writer’s residencies.” What a cool idea.

• South Carolina’s state senate shot down an open-carry bill, despite the “constitutional carry” effort having the support of Gov. Nikki Haley.

• A bill recognizing 20 Native Alaska languages as official advances in the Alaska state legislature.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• A local Johnson City pizza restaurant owner is starting a community organic farming project. Very cool. I’m really impressed at how food production is being transformed in this country, one household at a time. Just the idea that people in Nashville are raising their own eggs is impressive. Lots of ground still to be covered, so to speak, but Big Food has lost the argument.

• The Tennessee Environmental Council plans to plant 10,000 trees this weekend.

This week’s cool video: I wanted to post this one about Comcast (language NSFW, so pop the earbuds in before blasting it to your boss, folks). However, FYWP won’t embed the video so I’ll have to make do with this one: Fake, or Florida? Follow the link, though. The other one is funnier.


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3 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Joseph Stans

    What a delightful illuminating week! A few more bat-shit crazy conservatives came out of the bushes. Brewer is staying on her meds and thanks to the conservative religious cranks I found a dozen places that bake and will custom bake some really rare erotic pastries. I even found a Jewish catering firm that does BBQ Pork – they have a subsidiary. Life is good.

  2. • A federal judge has ruled Texas’ ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

    • Related: Kentucky now recognizes same-sex marriages performed out of state.

    So, Kentucky will recognize other states’ teh GAYmawwiage but won’t allow it. Sounds suspiciously like MORAL RELATIVISM!!

  3. Yay ! Good news Friday !