Second Amendment Hero Du Jour

Most responsible ever:

Woman accidentally discharged gun at YMCA swim lesson

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A woman accidentally discharged her gun on Thursday while she was watching her children’s swim lesson at the YMCA.

Buda police arrived at the YMCA at about 8:30 p.m. and found the woman, Kamila Brudi, waiting for them outside. According to the police report, Brudi said she was rummaging through her purse when she accidentally set off the .38 caliber Derringer pistol. She said she usually keeps the pistol in her car for self defense but forgot to take it out of her purse before going into the YMCA.

The police report says she immediately reported the shot to the manager when she saw people around her were curious as to what caused the loud noise. Police said Brudi did not have the weapon in a holster.

Officers saw no intent to discharge the weapon, so they issued her a citation for Discharge of Firearm where Prohibited – a city ordinance violation.

So because she accidentally discharged her gun, police basically gave her a parking ticket. Because accidentally discharging your gun is something that I guess “just happens” and nothing to see here, move along. Not negligent, irresponsible behavior with a deadly weapon or anything. Just, woopsies.

By the way, the same thing happened at a Utah Chipotle restaurant this week. One of our most responsible citizens ever dropped his backpack while paying for his damn burrito and the gun he kept inside went off. No charges because, negligence isn’t an offense, woopsies, etc. The best part about that story is this quote from local law enforcement:

While it was an accident the mother we spoke with says the man was negligent and should face some kind of consequence, but police say despite the fact the man was carrying a loaded gun with a bullet in the chamber and likely the safety off it’s not against the law.

“He legally has a right to carry his gun that way,” said Sgt. Arnold.

Got that? He legally has a right to be a dumbass.

So, remind me why we don’t want these people carrying liability insurance? Can you imagine having to pay medical bills for your brain-damaged kid or repair your property because some idiot “forgot” they had a gun in their purse?

Absolutely insane.


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7 responses to “Second Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Mnemosyne

    Hey, at least the woman in Tennessee got a ticket. It sounds like the Utah guy got nothing more than a dirty look.

  2. As the reigning champion of the Turquoise swim school the summer of 1967, I have only this to add.

    Mom brought us those little tiny bottles of Welch’s grape juice to enjoy after swim class with our lunch. That was a big deal in 1967, and not cheap!

  3. It’s ironic that idiot gun owners are all the time talking about THEIR rights but the fact is they are the one’s infringing on everybody else’s.

  4. “She said she usually keeps the pistol in her car for self defense but forgot to take it out of her purse before going into the YMCA.”

    Does that even sound logical? She keeps it in her car but forgot to take it out of her purse? Well, the one positive here is that the whiff of cordite might cover up the stench of that bullshit excuse.

    My guess is that the YMCA, even if it’s in Texas, has a policy of NOT having armed patrons. I’ll ask my local director the next time I run into them.

    The moron at the Chipotle? I’m wondering if he might make the restaurant post a “No gunz” sign on the entrance door?

    The idiot who stupidentally shot one of my loved ones would have much more to worry about than paying a ticket.

    “Gunz don’t kill peepulz! Idiots with gunz, low self esteem/tiny penises/clinical paranoia kill peepulz!!”.

    • What’s annoying is I still see idiots claiming that accidental shootings are “extremely rare.” If these posts do anything it’s dispell that myth. Please share these stories on Twitter and Facebook… it’s time we took back the narrative from the Paranoids With Small Penises Club.

  5. Meantime I see that the KKKristian ReiKKK has demanded (and received) a “caveat” from Paramount that the “Noah” movie is NOT, like, 100% faithful to the fucking fairy tale about teh Deluge. I saw the trailer and thought, “Gladiator” with sortabrowns in the role played by the germanic tribesmen in that movie.

    I can’t believe that the stars in these movies need money that badly, they have to be GODbots or dumber than a box of hammerocks*.

    * The hybrid offspring of hammers and rocks, dumber than either.