Responsible Gun Owner, Extra Stupid Florida Edition

This has got to set some kind of record:

Man accidentally fires gun twice, hitting girl in passing car and then himself


Orlando police said Ventura Mateo, 50, said he was showing a friend how to clean his SIG Sauer handgun. Mateo told investigators he pulled back on the slide and put his hand on the trigger, accidentally firing the weapon.

“She’s a sweet kid, that’s a damn shame,” said neighbor Sandy Driver.

Police said the girl was in the front seat of the car and as they drove by the neighbor’s house, the bullet pierced the passenger door and lodged in her tricep. She didn’t realize she was shot until arriving home, moments later.

Mateo told police that around the same time he became flustered and fired a second round, hitting himself in the thigh.

Police are “taking a closer look to determine whether to press criminal charges.” C’mon, it’s Florida. What do YOU think is gonna happen?

Also, someone take this man’s guns away from him. He’s a public nuisance.

And finally, we can haz liability insurance pleeze?


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7 responses to “Responsible Gun Owner, Extra Stupid Florida Edition

  1. Joseph Stans

    It’s always while cleaning. They must have the cleannesst guns in the country. I don’t get it: take out the magazine, work the action to eject the shell in the chamber. Work it again and visually check the chamber. Lock the slide back and insert a long pencil into the chamber and out across the top of the pistol. If you were actually someplace to clean your gun you could just forgo the pencil and remove the slide and the barell an commence cleaning. they may be responsible but they are without doubt stupid.

  2. Also, someone take this man’s guns away from him. He’s a public nuisance.

    I would say that he’s sufficiently dangerous that it’s about time for somebody to stand their ground when he’s around.

  3. I’m not going to waste time looking it up. We remember the football player’s wife? In most states, a weapon has to be broken down, in a locked compartment such as the trunk, or at least in some type of case to be legally carried in a moving vehicle. You’re driving around in a moving vehicle, playing with a loaded weapon? Even in Florida it’s against the law.

  4. Speaking of insurance.

    It would be loverly to have some data about how many of the victims of teh moronz wit gunz are taken to ER’s or admitted and run up huge bills on the public dime, ‘cuz, y’know, FREEDUMB!