Travoltify Your Name

Did you watch the Oscars last night and see John Travolta mangle Idina Menzel’s name? Now you wacky kids on the internets with too much time on your hands have created this fun game, Travoltify Your Name. Mine is Stephen Bezeel.

In other news, here’s your bloggess with John Travolta hissownself, along with my mom and my best friend at the time. I think I was around 16 years old:

pic with john travolta


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13 responses to “Travoltify Your Name

  1. I have a confession to make, I AM John Travolta! Oh, no, wait, I’m sorry. I AM Spartacus!!

  2. greennotGreen

    Geordie Greez, here!

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    Mine is “Kirsten Campbeem”

  4. Jim in Memphis

    “Jai Bruwn”

  5. I watched it from beginning to end * I normally don’t *…. Maybe he forgot to wear his contacts? that was weird. I did hear Adele.To be honest, I didn’t know the singer either.^^

    • She’s known mostly for her roles in Broadway (she starred in Wicked, I think she won a Tony Award for it), however she was in the movie version of “Rent” as well. And she had a small role on Glee as Lea Michelle’s mother. If you don’t like musicals and Broadway shows you’ve probably not heard of her/

  6. “Dawid Marftinez” (David Miscavage)

  7. Bitter Scribe

    Are you the girl right next to Travolta, or the one to her right? And where was this?