What’s The Word For This Again?

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Y’all think maybe these two stories are related? Story one:

Tennessee’s attorney general again says federal gun laws must stand

The latest attempt by state lawmakers to nullify federal gun laws probably violates the U.S. Constitution, Tennessee’s attorney general said in an opinion released Friday.

Senate Bill 1756, a measure that attempts to block federal laws within Tennessee, would violate the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, state lawyers said in a terse, two-page opinion signed by Attorney General Robert Cooper. State lawyers note they reached the same conclusion on a similar bill a year ago.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Brian Kelsey, R-Germantown, sought the opinion. Kelsey and the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Sen. Mae Beavers of Mt. Juliet, have clashed previously over the issue.

Story two:

Attorney general bill advances in Tennessee state Senate; on state House calendar this week

The state House version of a bill that would give Tennessee’s governor and the General Assembly power over the state attorney general is on a subcommittee calendar for debate Wednesday.

The state Senate version of the bill passed out of committee last week on a 5-3 vote and is set to be scheduled for a full Senate vote.

Supporters say the bill would make the state attorney general’s office more accountable to Tennessee citizens. The attorney general now is appointed by Tennessee Supreme Court justices, who themselves are appointed by the governor.

Bill opponents, who include Gov. Bill Haslam, say the legislation is a power grab that could violate the state constitution and politicize the independent office.

You know what? I’d like to see our representatives in the legislature be more accountable to Tennessee citizens first, ‘m’kay? We keep hearing about jobs and the economy being peoples’ number one concern, but when you elect Tennessee Republicans like Mae Beavers what you end up getting is a lot of culture war crazy and attempts to roll back the clock and re-litigate battles that were settled long ago.

And, yes. A special kudo to that crack legal mind Mae Beavers — and when I say “crack,” I DO mean influenced by illegal substances, as she’s so far off the rails, even her fellow Republicans can’t take her seriously any more. I simply cannot believe that there isn’t a person out there who can send this idiot packing. I mean, Tennessee Republicans, have you not thought about finding another candidate for this seat? Mae Beavers is kinda tarnishing your brand. She does not belong in public office of any kind, let alone in the state legislature.

But isn’t this just typical? The state Attorney General keeps telling certain legislators that their ideas are unconstitutional, illegal, even crazy. They won’t stand up in court. Instead of behaving like grown-ups and realizing maybe they might be, y’know, wrong, they just want to use their power to politicize the office and hire some Monica Goodling-type with a “degree” from the University of Phoenix to do their bidding. Power grab? Umm, gee, ya think? But this is what happens when you elect a bunch of people who are more interested in getting their way than doing what’s right.

Now, tell me: what’s the word for this, again? Corrupt? Evil? Stupid? Childish?

By the way, the AG’s opinion can be read here. It’s hilarious.

Constitutionality of Legislation Amending the “Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act”


Is Senate Bill 1607/House Bill 2145 (hereinafter “SB1607”) of the 108th Tennessee General Assembly, which would amend the “Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act,” constitutional?



Well, alrighty then. Now run along and play, children, and leave the actual governing to the grown-ups.

And let me remind Tennessee Republicans supporting this ridiculous Attorney General’s bill about one thing: pendulums swing. You won’t be in power forever. The day will come when Democrats are back in charge and get to have all the power you are grabbing for your Republican majority now. And you will not like that. And you will scream and squawk and whine and complain but you will have made this bed and you will have to lie down in it.

And nobody will feel sorry for you.


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12 responses to “What’s The Word For This Again?

  1. Joseph Stans

    My goodness! Is there something in the water or soil that make so many of the folks in TN crazy? I live in MN and the oddest folks we have are Lutherans, Lutefiske festivals and some towns sponsor a particularly nasty smoked sheep’s head with turnips.

    • AFM

      Well I wouldn’t be sounding so bad on TN after all your state has crazy eyes Bachmann. Not all of us in TN are crazy and hopefully people will wake up and realize they are being screwed by republicans and vote for democrats. I never have understood why they vote against their financial interests. Until they get that we all will be getting screwed.

      • Yes, all state leges have idiots but, for whatever reason, TN, TX, FL, LA, GA, OK, AZ, UT, AR, NV, NC, SC, WV, AL and several other states are RUN by those idiots. I wish it weren’t true and I applaud efforts to rectify the situation.

      • Jim in Memphis

        “Yes, all state leges have idiots but, for whatever reason, TN, TX, FL, LA, GA, OK, AZ, UT, AR, NV, NC, SC, WV, AL and several other states are RUN by those idiots. I wish it weren’t true and I applaud efforts to rectify the situation.”

        That can’t be right. As SB is always telling us, TN is the place the Republican party has come to die. How could so many states be run by the Republicans if the party is practically dead?

  2. I don’t know the proper term but people like Beavers seem like crack addicts. Once they get that charge of sticking their ideological finger in the eye of more moderate individuals they just can’t keep from doing it again even when they know how it will end.

  3. Jim in Memphis

    Since every legislature is elected by direct vote of the people represented, i am not sure how much more accountable they can be held. Now the Supreme Court justices for TN and the AG are separated by a layer of legislation from the direct vote of the citizens so they are less accountable in that the citizens cannot remove them from office directly. I think the answer is that all positions that involve the rule of law should be decided by a direct election of the citizens involved.

    • “…i am not sure how much more accountable they can be held.”

      They could start by actually voting on the stuff that comes before them, instead of sitting on their hands and pretending it doesn’t exist.

      I put these links in my posts for a reason.

      • Jim in Memphis

        My point is that it is up to the voters to remove them if they are not doing what the voters want. This is democracy in action. If the attorney general is not doing what the voters want, then the best the voters can do is change the governor and hope that at some point he will appoint enough Supreme Court justices that they will pick a different AG. You do see how that insulates the AG position from the voters quite a bit right?

      • Riiight, Jim. Yes, in a perfect world, people would vote out their lazy-assed legislators who can’t even bother to vote on the bills placed before them. We don’t live in a perfect world, do we? Because in practice, it’s a little more difficult than that. And Republican voter suppression tactics are a big reason why.

        Poor Jim, pretending not to know this. So innocent. Who, us? Suppress the vote?

        And you know what? Voter turnout in even the BEST of circumstances is, what, 60%? In national, presidential elections? Forget about local elections and primaries, where turnout is relegated to the True Believers. That’s how the Tea Party won a few victories, isn’t it? The only people who voted were the crazy cultists and me.

        Of course it doesn’t help that Republicans keep putting up roadblocks to voter registration — apparently jumping through hoops to exercise your constitutional right to vote is totally cool with the Hypocrite Party but jumping through a couple of hoops to exercise your constitutional right to bear arms IN THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC SAFETY is tyranny. Go figure.

        So let’s see. Voters give low approval ratings to the governor, members of Congress and the state legislature, yet they don’t show up to vote (or when they do, they can’t vote). I wonder why that might be? That’s a question worth discussing, for sure, but you won’t get that conversation anywhere outside of liberal blogs. Because when people vote, Republicans lose.

        I wonder if people maybe feel a little powerless? A little like their vote doesn’t matter, anyway? That the fix is in, thanks to things like Citizens United and rich assholes like Lee Beaman donating bazillions of dollars to buy our elections, and buy our government? You think that might, just maybe, disillusion people a bit?

        Is feature, not bug. Repeat: when people vote, Republicans lose. So conservatives are doing everything in their power to poison the process, from Voter ID laws to long lines at the polls, to cutting early voting, to excising civic classes from the public schools so people are ignorant of the process, to buying up news media so they can broadcast their “politicians are all corrupt” propaganda to make sure people feel like there’s no point in participating in their democracy.

        And then along comes our little doe-eyed Jim-bots to say, “Golly gee whiz, Mrs. Beale, if only the people voted!”

        Yeah, right. Fuck off.

  4. Jimbo:

    Is the reason we don’t see you for a week or more at a time that:

    A.) You’re snorting coke out of some TN republican legislizard’s butt crack


    3.) That you need some “alone time” after having your precious talking points exposed for the pigshit stinking tripe that thy are?

    • Jim in Memphis

      Demo, I know you pine anxiously waiting for me to post, but I only post on things that interest me. I am sorry that I cannot devote more time to you seeing as you crave my attention so, but you will just have to take heart and wait patiently for my next post.

      • Wrong, again, Jimbo.

        I would prefer to never see your idiotic screeds (retaling the ReiKKKwing Randian bullshit shoveled into your head by the manure spreaders at FuckTheNew’sCorpse and elsewhere) here or anywhere else. Have you ever had a genuine thought of your own about polity and policy? I ask only because NOTHING you have ever written here is original. It’s all tired, trite and hackneye horsepucky that the GOP and now Teabaggists have been parroting for years.

        Some may see a certainl level of entertainment value in watching a grown man make a complete and utter fool of himself on this forum, they are not me. I would be perfectly happy to never see another word of yours (or, actually, someone else’s words that you’re simply repeating) on these threads.

        I’ve had a few people of your sort (credible boobs and useful idiots for the 1%) tell me that we could prolly have a beer together and learn to get along. They are wrong. I would certainly drink a Bud while you were on the next bar stool, but only if you let me buy you a pint of battery acid.

        So, no Jimbo, I don’t wait breathlessly for your bons mal. Well, I do get a little breathless when I’m trying not to smell the stench of the horseshit that you’re trying to peddle.