Responsible Gun Owner, Texas/Oklahoma Edition


More on this here. The gun was a Glock. Mr. Beale and I were just talking about how Glocks don’t have an external safety. Carrying one around a 5-year-old should have a minimum jail sentence. Idiot.


Five-year-old boy shoots dad and self while playing with dad’s gun in the dressing room of an Oklahoma City Bass Pro Shops. No charges filed … yet:

According to Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department, “Father and son were in the dressing room together. The son, who was 5- years-old, was apparently playing with dad’s cellphone which was sitting there in the dressing room.”

Also in the dressing room and within the boy’s reach was a loaded handgun.

“The dad had a concealed carry permit. He had taken his gun off, set it down,” Wardlow said.

That’s when, according to police, the boy grabbed the gun shooting himself in the hand and his dad in the leg. Both victims were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Oklahoma City police did not charge the father. They said ultimately that decision will be made by the district attorney. Bass Pro Shops said it cannot comment on this case while it is under investigation.

They were from Amarillo, Texas, but were in Oklahoma City for a Jason Aldean concert. We’ve hit the jackpot of gun culture, folks: country music, Bass Pro Shops, concealed carry permit holder, you name it. So much awesome.

Remind me why we don’t want these people carrying liability insurance again?


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9 responses to “Responsible Gun Owner, Texas/Oklahoma Edition

  1. GregH

    At what point does the gun loonz’ complete idiocy become just sad, boring and no longer worth the effort to report? And by the way, heard a fascinating NPR report about vaccine autism conspiracy theory parents and how actual scientific evidence that contradicts one’s views may actually make a person LESS likely to admit they are wrong. Apparently, we’ve been going about this all wrong! Evidence and logical argument don’t work, because having someone point out that you are wrong with actual evidence just hurts your wittle feewings, and makes you reject the evidence and NOT change your beliefs and behavior. Apparently, we have to preface any evidence of how DEAD WRONG gun loonz or climate change deniers (birthers, Benghazi-fiers, etc.) are with a little personal esteem pep talk about how “smart” and what “good people” the loonz and nutjobs are, so they can accept being DEAD WRONG.

  2. Phantom 309

    “I’m headed for the rods and reels. Cover me!”

  3. …Why the FUCK are people walking around with a round in battery IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?! Fucking drop-dead mouth-breathing STUPID IN ACTION…

    • chrome agnomen

      if only it were drop-dead stupid

    • GregH

      Well, you have to be ready. You never know when a young black male might be in your area listening to music, walking, eating skittles and drinking tea or perhaps breathing. You must be prepared for action!

  4. ThresherK

    From my little corner of the world: Have you searched “infant gun Connecticut” yet?

      • And, on the comment thread, predictably:

        “Baby with UNLOADED 100% safe gun is bad, but aborting a baby, killing it, is 100% okay with the liberal left, right?”

        I was going to leave a reply, to wit:

        “Aborting “babies” would be murder, idiot. Abortion is a medical procedure which involves a woman, her doctor and a fetus (or maybe, more than one). You 2nd Amendment huggerz don’t want gummint regulatin’ teh gunz; is that so that they’ll have more time regulatin’ teh ladeepartz?”

        but I don’t have a dummied up facebook account and I really don’t need the gunzloonz asswipez on my real one.

        I see Facebook has made some sort of tepid attempt to keep gunzloonz from using them to sell gunz online.