Because There’s Absolutely Nothing This Country Won’t Commercialize

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An Oregon firm introduced an action figure of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden., whose catalog also includes Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, said that the 12-inch Snowden figure comes dressed in a blue shirt, casual trousers and black high-top shoes, but wardrobe options include a gray-striped business suit, Indiana Jones outfit and a combat uniform. It sells for $99. promises that proceeds will go to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, although the foundation’s executive director, Trevor Timm, denied any association with the doll or (Agence France-Presse)

The Edward Snowden action figure sells for $99:


If the $99 price tag seems a little steep the manufacturer notes,

By selecting Head only in the Outfit selection box above, you can also buy Edward Snowden’s head for $60 only and fit it onto your own 12-inch figurines.

Well, hey, kids! Now that’s a bargain!

You can see the Julian Assange figure here, including set-ups where he’s brandishing a military-style assault rifle and one where he’s dressed like a pirate.

You can see them in “action” here (laptop comes separately?):

In all fairness, I noticed this company also makes an array of celebrity action figures, including Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Eric Holder and Rahm Emmanuel, to name a few.


As if we needed any more evidence that American politics has moved away from actual governing and into the realm of mass entertainment.


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11 responses to “Because There’s Absolutely Nothing This Country Won’t Commercialize

  1. Mr. Snowden certainly does not seem to be a sharp dresser. That shirt. Man needs a better tailor.

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  3. Action? What? Stealing internet files? Getting detained by the Chinese and then Russian governments? What next? Sarah Palin thinking figures?

    • Russia is “free” but USA is not. Yeah, THAT makes sense, even to a Commie like me? Don’t think so.

      • As soon as I figured out that there was absolutely no way that China didn’t have everything he carried to Hong Kong with him or they’d never have let him go to Russia and, then, when I realized that if he hadn’t given them everything he had that either one would trade him to the U.S. government for something they wanted, I figured that both of those privacy loving not governments had everything he had.

        I am convinced from reading Sibel Edmond’s posts that it’s almost a certainty that Pierre Omidyar got everything that Greenwald and Poitras had from Snowden (he gave them a quarter of a billion reasons to give him access) and that Jeff Bezos would likely have access to what was held by his employees at the WaPo. And, yet, all over the privacy loving internets they think Snowden is some great hero of privacy.

      • Meh, you can find some people who think he’s a big damn hero but mostly those are Libertarian-types trying to make the Obama Administration look evil and conveniently forgetting that us liberals raised alarms when Bush did the very same thing, if not worse. For some reason it’s OK if you’re a Republican.

  4. Randy

    Did Snowden really tell reasonably informed people anything they didn’t already know?

    • I’m one of those who was very surprised that they weren’t actually monitoring my phone calls, the actual calls. A friend and I call each other once a week to practice French and we were always joking that we were bound to be monitored, especially as both of us despised George. W. and Cheney.

    • I’m pretty sure Angela Merkel was shocked to learn her cell phone was being monitored by US intel.

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