It’s UKRAINE. Not THE Ukraine.

Fer crying out loud, media people. It’s not hard. Do you say THE France? THE Spain? No, you don’t.

I just heard both CBS News’ Elizabeth Palmer and our local station’s Steve Hayslip say THE Ukraine, and even Jon Stewart adds the THE on occasion.

THE Ukraine goes back to the Soviet days when Ukraine was not an independent country but a piece of the Soviet Union. It’s now been an independent country for a few years so get with the damn program.

Cripes. Do you still refer to Rhodesia and Zaire?


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4 responses to “It’s UKRAINE. Not THE Ukraine.

  1. deep

    Do you still refer to Rhodesia and Zaire?


  2. greennotGreen

    “Zaire” is a perfectly good Scrabble word meaning a monetary unit of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But I believe it’s “Rhodesian” as in “ridgeback.”

  3. Bitter Scribe

    Shortly after Ukraine became independent, I bumped into someone from their Chicago consulate at the gym. I put the question to him and he just shrugged and said it didn’t make any difference to him personally. I got the idea he had other things to worry about. Probably still does.

    What struck me about this guy was he spoke English like Lord Chesterfield. No, really. He had a thick British upper-class public-school accent that would have sounded at home in Eton.