Fuck You, Internet

Today marks the internet’s 25th birthday. And here is today’s internet-delivered contribution to the national discourse:


Spreading ignorance and hate for 25 years. Thanks for nothing, internet!

Honestly I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t have been better off without it. This is the kind of ignorant BS your crazy uncle used to spew at the dinner table and everyone would sorta roll their eyes and pretend they weren’t related. Now it’s a meme seen by millions, perpetuating the kind of BS stereotypes people like Paul Ryan use as their basis for their economic policy.

Cripes. I’ve got to unfriend me some folks.

(By the way, that same photo was used on a “humor” site under the headline, “What a Country Girl Looks Like.”)


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22 responses to “Fuck You, Internet

  1. Phantom 309

    I thought this was a description of the average teabagger. I see now I was wrong.

  2. Joseph Stans

    Without the internet graphics how would the children be aware of their roll models? Really, who can sneer like Dick Cheney?

  3. I’m amazed! If I just read the caption, I would expect the woman in the picture to have skin and hair about 20 shades darker. I guess picking on poor whites is less likely to get you accused of racism.

    • Yes, I’m shocked they didn’t “go there.” This was on a Syrcause, NY radio station’s Facebook page, and the station is pretty sexist, judging by the stuff I saw on their website. The thing that pisses me off about this … well, aside from everything, of course, is how misogynist the whole thing is. The fact is, a majority of those on welfare ARE single moms. And they’re on welfare, not because they’re sluts, or lazy, or not working, or drunks, or whatever, but because this fucking country does not support women with children. But yes, let’s shame them, that’s certainly going to solve everything.

      • What station in Syracuse?

      • Well, welfare is at least an attempt to provide some support for women with children. It would be better if we could provide enough support that women with children could get jobs, but at least it’s something.

        I also notice that the children’s father(s) are not mentioned. You’d think the children of single mothers came about by parthenogenesis given how little men are brought into the discussion of welfare.

  4. Hey, I’m on welfare. I get a check from the gummint evry month and I get FREE medical care from the VA. And I always like that people who hate people on welfare go, all like, “Oh, it’s not a handout, you WORKED/SERVED to EARN it.”.
    I have no idea what they really think and, frankly, I don’t give a fuck.

  5. Randy

    I’m rather fond of that “Naked Snake-Handling Preacher’s Wives” site. But that’s just me.

  6. It’s kinda like cars, guns, computers, CB radios, etc.

    Give an idiot a fish, and he slaps himself with it. Try to =teach= an idiot to fish, and you’re gonna be at it for a while…

  7. Southern Beale:

    Yeah, 95X is the one (in a suite of stations owned by Galaxy Communications) that aims straight for the lard-bellied heart of the dirtbag demographic with overt sexism, muzik for moronz and softcore KKKonservaporn.

  8. ThresherK

    DC, is 95X a music station which fawns over Tea Party candidates and provide them lots of airtime?

    I’m thinking of some FMers in Massachusetts whose doors were always open for Scott Brown.

    • ThresherK:

      Pretty much; along with it’s “Country Cousin” and to a large extent the OMF (Old Fucks’ Music) station–TK99–that I actually listen to most of the time (although. at the moment, I’m listening The Chieftains, “Down the Old Plank Road–the Nashville Sessions) just because it’s easier than setting up playlists on the computer.

      I have found that even in the Liebral Northeast there are two kinds of radio, moderately conservative (NPR) and whackjobteabaggist (commercial). If there is a truly liberal radio station it ain’t where I can find it. The morning show (Gomez, Dave & Lisa) I do listen to features a woman who I would say is probably a Reagan republican and two teabagleaning guys who say that their centrists. The Obama jokes, they be flyin’ but I don’t remember them having much to say about Bushco. I’m sure I just missed it. NOT.

      • GregH

        Campus radio stations are pretty liberal….but the DJs are pretty awfu – lots of dead air or lip-smacking in the mike. LOL

    • ThresherK:

      Have you lived in MA back when that piece-of-shit Gary LaPierre was on WBZ-AM (1030)? I used to work with a closeted gay who was ultra-KKKonservative (hated everybody but him and his “roommate” of 25 years) and that puke LaPierre was in my earhole for four hours every day. I don’t know that I wouldn’t hate him more than Howie Carr, Jay Severin and Mike Barnicle if they were a triune head up their ass, shitspewin’ KKKonservaKKKlown. For a supposedly liberal enclave, Boston sure has its share of ReiKKKwing asshatz.

      • ThresherK

        I’m not really in WBZ’s listening area. New England is compact, but not that compact. WTIC-AM, 1080 (50 kHz away from WBZ on the dial) is very close to me and can be heard in 30 states at night, so that’s very difficult to compete with on the dial.

        Not like I’m missing much. I always say that listening to Howie Carr is like listening to Johnny Most call a Celtics game if one isn’t a Celtics fan.

        Of course, WTIC used to not suck. Colin McEnroe used to be there. If you remember John Rowland, CT’s ex-governor who went to prison, well, he has a 3-hour drivetime show on weekdays. We call it “John Rowland’s Work-Release Dance Party”.

        At least it carries the UConn womens’ basketball, which we enjoy greatly.

  9. GregH:

    Not any that are in my orbit. The local SUNY station is unlistenable.

  10. Ah, so you’re in the Hahtfud area. Well missing those NE Fauxpatriots does not gimme a sad.

    I have no idea who or where (other than being out in the Berkshires) the station was, but on Sunday mornings they used to do a show and their intr0/extro music was, “I Got Stoned And I Missed It”. I used to tune in just for that.

    • ThresherK

      Oh, the Pats. One more reason to hate John (Work Release Dance Party) Rowland: He actually allowed himself to think an NFL team would move here and abandon a market like Boston–which is, let’s face it, decently served by a stadium in Foxboro (a.k.a. Practically Northeast Providence).

      Gawd, that’s the kinda chump you want to play poker against.

      The funnest thing about living in CT are the visiting sports sociologists attempting to draw the lines between NYC and Boston fandoms. It’s like watching a timelapse map of Europe showing who occupied what during WWI, except no bloodshed.

      • Yeah, I remember the whole thing with Orthwein thinking that he would move the franchise to St; Louis and the NFL saying; “Uh, no, nor in this fucking life.”. And then the whole moving the team to CT thing. Why do people not get that the NFL, MLB and NBA really don’t want a lot of small market franchises?