Tennessee Gun Report

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• March 11, 2014

1- I don’t normally post gun crimes in the gun report but this one was notable: three masked gunmen robbed a Mt. Juliet Goodwill store.

Say what?

Does this make sense? Who robs the Goodwill store? Couldn’t you guys hit up a liquor store or something?

2- Seeing a lot more of these stories now: road rage and fights escalating into shootings, now that everyone is carrying guns in their cars.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Police are investigating a fight that escalated into a shooting, Tuesday afternoon.

Based on the preliminary investigation, four people were shot at while inside a minivan. The minivan was struck at least once. There were no injuries.

• March 10, 2014

An 11th-grader in Nashville was arrested for bringing a loaded gun onto school property:

Investigators said the teen told them he bought the gun for social status. He was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property.

“Social status.” Right. Let’s keep blaming Hollywood and oh by the way, you can shut up about that now that Harvey Weinstein has pledged to stop glorifying gun violence in his films. Aaand the screams and hollers about how gun loons are oppressed and being ignored by Hollywood start in 5… 4… 3…

• March 9, 2014:

A Clarksville man apparently brandished a gun not once but twice in the same day in road rage incidents. However, the second incident was self-defense, he claims:

According to the warrants, Bellamy told the detective that he owned the gun and admitted that earlier in the day he waved it a woman driving on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard near Exit 4. He also told Honholt that he displayed the weapon when the driver of a vehicle on Madison Street pointed an AR-15 assault rife at him, then tossed it out of the vehicle between Pageant Lane and 10th Street.

Guns-in-cars FAIL.

• March 8, 2014:

A customer got into an argument with a clerk at a Jackson business, went to his car, pulled out a gun, and fired it into the business’ awning. He is still at large. Guns-in-cars FAIL version eleventybillion.

SO glad the state legislature is making sure we have guns at the ready for every instance when they’re not necessary.


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6 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Joseph Stans

    You have to be careful of those store awnings. Sometimes they attack when you least suspect it.

  2. deep

    The gunmen were ultra conservatives who hate librul ideas like “sharing” and “goodwill”.

  3. ” the driver of a vehicle on Madison Street pointed an AR-15 assault rife at him, then tossed it out of the vehicle between Pageant Lane and 10th Street.”

    And the cops totes found the AR-15, right? I wonder if the car was a rental from the Miami, FL area?

    • Aw you know, it’s Clarksville — right outside Ft. Campbell, the home of the 101st Airborne? So, ya know, there’s AR-15 lying around all OVER the place there …

      { rolls eyes }

  4. I think the gunmen who robbed the Goodwill were wise to avoid liquor stores. Those places have been robbed so often, lots of them have stuff like bulletproof glass around the cashier’s booth, not to mention their own weapons. Robbing Goodwill is undoubtedly a lot safer and easier to pull off.

  5. Joseph Stans

    How many people used to drive around and think, “Hey, I could rob taht GoodWill store if I only had a gun.”

    Now they say, “Hey, I’ve got a gun, who can I rob? Or shoot?

    AS soon as the situation stabilizes everybody will be robbing or shooting everyone else. Hm, there is something vaguely Darwinesque about this…