Good News Friday


Major good news! A federal judge has ruled that same-sex marriage is legal for some Tennessee couples.

Super busy this week so I’m light on the good news. Feel free to add your own contributions in comments.

• An anti-union bill has failed in Kentucky.

• The London Zoo welcomed three endangered Sumatran tigers. Awwww.

• Three EU countries — Sweden, Estonia and Bulgaria — have met their 2020 renewable energy benchmarks early. However, all three trail Norway, which is not an EU member, according to the report. Despite being an oil-producing country, Norway gets over 64% of its energy from renewable sources.

• Speaking of Norway, the Scandinavian country has embraced EV vehicles and by April is expected to become the first country in which one out of every 100 cars is fully electric.

• A bill keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers passed in Washington state.

• A bill to repeal South Carolina’s Stand Your Ground law has been filed by Rep. Harold Mitchell, chair of the state’s Legislative Black Caucus.

• The Methodist church has dropped its case against Rev. Thomas Ogletree, 80, former dean of the Yale Divinity School, who officiated his son’t same-sex wedding.

• One month’s worth of pot taxes in Colorado? A cool $2 million.

• President Obama used an executive order to expand overtime pay for millions of American workers.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Zeke the zebra has finally been returned to his Cleveland, TN farm after escaping more than five months ago.

• It took a public shaming campaign to get them to do it but North Carolina-based drug maker Chimerix finally agreed to give an experimental drug to 7-year-old hospitalized in Memphis. The company blamed the FDA, but the FDA does allow drug companies to make experimental drugs available under a “compassion” clause.


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16 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. SiubhanDuinne

    Please check your “Awwwww” link for the Sumatran tigers. It’s the only link in the post that won’t open, and I wanna see some baby tigers!!

  2. “• One month’s worth of pot taxes in Colorado? A cool $2 million.”

    You can bet that the State, County and Local police saved a fuckton of money not arresting teh Hippeez!

    We gotta make our own good news?
    Okay. I’m even HOTTER lookin’ then I was last week. I blame the capsaicin body lotion.

  3. Joseph Stans

    Hmm. five months to find and capture a black and white stripped mule in the TN/OH area. I guess we are all glad it was not lime green elephant they would have never caught him.

    • Not exactly the “secret exemption” the Fox News/Wall Street Journal/Krauthammer crowd are making it out to be. But thanks for stopping by to try to piss in the liberal punch bowl again. You’re so predictable.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I did not say anything about it being a “secret”. I was pointing out that Obama has delayed the individual mandate for another 2 years. That is good news.

      • It happened back in November so you’re a little behind the curve on this one, buckaroo. And contrary to what that nitwit Kraphammer said, it’s under very limited circumstances. So no, you are not exempted from the mandate.

      • Jim in Memphis

        The original one year exemption occurred in November of 2013 after it came to light that Obama had told the lie of the year that you could keep your insurance if you liked it. However, the 2 year extention to 2016 for these exemptions was announced on March 5, 2014 –

      • Again, from the link I provided originally:

        “The individual mandate has, throughout the larger Obamacare debate, been a point of much contention. But in terms of the changes announced earlier this month, the extension of the mandate exemption is simply part and parcel of extending the original policy affording insurers the opportunity to re-offer non-compliant plans while ensuring that customers who could not obtain this option would not be subject to a penalty. There’s no logical way to extend the first part without also extending the second.

        It’s just not the big deal that the Fox News/Krauthammer/WSJ crowd are pretending it is. But this is what happens when you get your news from Rupert Murdoch. You get stupider.

      • Jim in Memphis

        So is this an increase in the time delay for parts of Obamacare not previously announced in November? Are you suggesting it is not a big deal or actually a good thing? Seems to me that Obama keeps delaying major portions of his signature policy until after he can be held accountable for the consequences of it. I would further guess that several Democratic Senators and Congressmen were begging for these delays to push things past the midterm elections coming up. I think they realized that with the previously announced one year delay new cancellation notices would be sent out to millions of people right before the elections this fall. That had to be avoided at all costs in an attempt to save as many Dems as possible. Of course if delaying your big policy is the best way to get your friends elected then maybe this policy is not such a great thing after all.

      • Read the link. It’s self-explanatory. I’m saying it’s not that big a deal, and it’s related to the earlier delay. I know you on the right are just dying for this thing to be a fail, even though it was YOUR idea in the first place, but the fact remains, this little delay is a modest little thing done for political expediency because of all the manufactured outrage which the corporatists and TeaIdiots are drumming up. In 2 years no one will even remember it. What people WILL remember is that millions of people now have health insurance, which Republicans have been trying to take away.

  4. It’s Pi Day. Salute!

  5. Good news Friday … as usual, it makes my day.

  6. BTW, Southern Beale:

    I saw one of your northern cousins while I was walking home from my favorite “Debate & Whiskyfyin” establishment last evening. I thought it was a cat at first and then he started motivatin’ and ‘coons, like skunks, have an extremely distinctive gait. It appears that he’s living in a den underneath the funeral home (the funeral home is actually on a small bluff about 30’ up the hill). He seemed fat’n’sassy. Bearing in mind what your gravatar looks like I decided to err on the side of caution and continued home instead of stopping for a chat.

  7. “It happened back in November so you’re a little behind the curve on this one, buckaroo.”

    Shorter Jimbo:

    Nuh-uh! Lalalalalalalalala!!!