Isn’t She Special

Y’all probably don’t watch The Real Housewives Of New York City, which I admit is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine (don’t judge! Dorito’s for the brain, cripes, even I need to unwind every now and then). But there was this time about three or four seasons ago when cast member Kelly Bensimon had some kind of nervous breakdown on a trip to the Virgin Islands. It was one of those deals where everything erupted into what you thought was going to be a typical Real Housewives catfight, with Kelly yelling at the other housewives and they’re arguing back at her. But the conversation was odd, there were words but they weren’t forming coherent ideas that related to what anyone else was saying, and all at once you see the other women realize that Kelly was clearly experiencing some kind of mental breakdown. She started shouting “Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton!” apropos of absolutely nothing and cramming hard candies into her mouth.

And as the realization that something was seriously wrong with Kelly dawned on the other women you just saw them all back down and say, “okay, we’re not going to argue, there’s something wrong here, let’s get you some help.” I mean, it was truly amazing to see, how they all at once realized that they were not dealing with a mentally healthy person but someone having a clinical episode of some kind.

That’s kind of how I feel after reading this interview with Victoria Jackson (warning: there’s an annoying auto-start ad at the link so turn your volume off if you don’t want to be screamed at.) I just can’t piece out quotes and make fun of someone who clearly is just … not … all right up there.


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7 responses to “Isn’t She Special

  1. Joseph Stans

    Oh dear! Victoria’s fan belt is definitely loose.

  2. Yeah, she’s prolly mentally ill, but until somebody who cares about her (more than they care about whatever income she brings in) does something about it, she will go on polluting the airwaves and being a useful idiot to the ReiKKKwing.

    I’m not sure if you heard about this, yet:

    He’s been shitcanned from the show/network that he was on when he made the comments–and the place is still chockfull of haterz.

    • I’d heard that Ruse had said that, but I wasn’t familiar with him at all. Never heard of him before. Just another wacko screaming for attention on the furthest reaches of the AM dial.

  3. Phantom 309

    I blame part of her obvious mental illness on all that time she was exposed to Dennis Miller.

  4. All those handstands.

  5. Mary Wilson

    SB, I could tell by listening to the video, with her airy, slurred speech that she is VERY medicated. And I agree with whoever said that she is being used by her family to represent the faux religious haters, trying to get her to be a ‘respectable spokeswoman’…but she is only a few steps behind Palin or Bachmann since she has NO CLUE about politics, civics, government or even the ‘religious right. And her opponents should easily win.

  6. Bitter Scribe

    It says something that the only SNL cast member with good things to say about her is Joe Piscopo, who was one of the most universally despised assholes there.