Hate Isn’t Dead But Fred Phelps Is

Good riddance to a despicable person.

I know we’ll be hearing the usual, “if you can’t saying anything nice …” mealy-mouthed pablum on hearing that Fred Phelps has finally left this earth, but I say, screw that. He was an evil person. He caused so much pain and suffering, not just to LGBT people but to his fellow Christians, to the families of our soldiers, even to his own family. Using gays as a scapegoat for every tragic event that hit the headlines, from Whitney Houston’s death to plane crashes to 9/11, all these fools ended up doing was uniting the nation against them. Again, good riddance.

He was not a Christian and please, stop calling his organization a “Baptist church.” It wasn’t. He presided over an abusive religious cult that operated as a hate group. His wasn’t the only one, there are plenty similar organizations in this country (here’s one), Westboro was just more adept than others at gathering headlines. Phelps probably had something horrible happen to him when he was a child that made him that way, who knows, but guess what, lots of people suffer similar tragedies and don’t end up like this.

When a cult leader dies the cult tends to dissolve into the breeze. I don’t know if that will happen in this case because it seems a Phelps daughter long ago picked up the protest mantle. But one can hope the day of the hate-headline is over.

From the memory hole:


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8 responses to “Hate Isn’t Dead But Fred Phelps Is

  1. Joseph Stans

    He is not in hell. He lived in hell. Where he is now is a number of molecules that are rapidly disassociating. His daughter does no have the charisma to carry on- first she is female and to be really accepted in these silly endeavors requires a patriarch – very biblical you know. to the remaining member – you are free. If you chose to continue, eat shit and die. In Jebus name, Amen

  2. onyxpnina

    At last he will know what God really hates.

  3. I suspect a long period of painful purgation is Phelps just reward. He was evil, a malicious attention hog who didn’t care who he used to get it, aided and abetted by the Supreme Court whose justices would never have allowed him to interrupt their afternoon naps but allowed him to destroy a right that any decent society recognizes, the right to bury your dead unmolested by scum like Phelps and his foul brood of spiritually incestuous succubi.

    He is a product of the insane doctrine of free speech absolutism, a tool for elites within the legal profession and system to give rights to scum like Phelps at the cost of other people. There is no rational reason that they couldn’t be required to time their media opportunities either in time or in physical space so as to not steal the one and only chance for a family to bury their dead. But the assholes on the Supreme Court don’t care about that right, dependent on time and place as compared to being able to preen in their first ammendmenty sanctimony. After all, look at the use that “free speech” has been to Citizens United and other groups attacking self-government, the real motive for the Rehnquists and Roberts to have undergone a conversion experience to become “free speech” absolutists.

  4. I just wish that in his final moments Fred could have been as charismatic as Jim Jones and convinced all of his followers to drink the koolaid.

  5. Indeed. Good riddance. I’d like to see a photo of who’s crying. that guy is unbelievably evil.

  6. Kosh III

    I thought I heard that they requested no picketing or other disturbance at his funeral.
    Therefore, I hope thousands of flamboyant drag queens and flaming fags descend upon the church and cemetery and give them the grief that they gave to millions.
    Burn baby burn!

    • No, what I read was that leaders of the gay community asked that there be no picketing — they want as little attention paid to Phelps and his deranged cult as possible.

  7. With props and apologies to the late, great Curtis Mayfield:

    Freddie Phelps is Dead (That’s what I said!)
    Hey, hey
    Hate, hate
    Ah, ha
    Freddies dead
    That’s what I said
    Let the rap a plan
    Said GOD hatez them homos.
    But his hope was a rope
    And he should’ve known
    It’s hard to understand
    why there’s so much hate in this man
    I’m sure all would agree
    That his misery was his
    Wastin’ life hatin’ GAYZ
    Now Freddie’s dead
    That’s what I said
    His kids misused by him
    Ripped up and abused by him
    Another GODLY plan
    Pushin’ Fred’s hate for his fellow man
    A terrible blow
    But that’s how it goes
    A fundies on the corner now
    If you wanna be a hater, wow
    Remember freddies dead
    We’re all built up with progress
    But sometimes I must confess
    We can deal with rockets and dreams
    But “GOD hates Fags!”, what does it mean
    Ain’t nothing said
    ‘Cause freddies dead
    Hey, hey
    Hate, hate
    Hey, hey
    Yeah, yeah
    Ha, ha
    Hate, hate
    Yeah, yeah
    Ha, ha
    Yeah, yeah
    Freddies dead
    All I want is some peace of mind
    With a little love I’m trying to find
    This could be such a beautiful world
    With a wonderful girl or guy,
    Why I need a woman child
    Don’t wanna be like freddie now
    ‘Cause freddies dead
    Hey, hey
    Yeah, yeah
    If you don’t try
    You’re gonna die
    Why can’t we brothers
    Protect one another
    No one’s serious
    And it makes me furious
    Don’t be misled
    Just think of Fred
    Everybody misused by him
    Ripped up and abused by him
    Another hater plan
    Pushin’ hate for his fellow man
    A fundies on the corner now
    If you wanna be a hater, why
    Remember freddies dead
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Freddies dead
    Hey, hey
    Ha, ha
    Haterz hatin in hell
    Ha, ha…