Good News Friday

Lots of good news today, and I’m gonna be busy, so enjoy and catch you on the other side.

• The Philippine government signed a landmark peace deal with a major Muslim rebel group, putting to rest a four decade-long deadly conflict.

• The World Health Organization says polio has been eradicated from India, which just five years ago accounted for almost half the world’s polio cases.

• The first synthetic yeast chromosome has been created.

• Obamacare enrollment tops 6 million just shy of the deadline — and the actual number is likely higher, as the 6 million figure doesn’t include those who signed up off the exchanges. Considering the obstruction, misinformation, and outright lies the right has thrown up trying to make this program a big failure, I’d say that’s pretty good.

• New Medicare rules will pay for physical therapy and nursing care for people with chronic diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

• Australia says no to crocodile safari hunts.

• This one should have been a no-brainer, but I’ll take it: SCOTUS ruled in United States v. Castleman that misdemeanor domestic abuse convictions can legally prevent people from having guns.

• A U.S. District Court has upheld California’s shark fin ban.

• Despite an odious state law clearly designed to shut down clinics offering abortion services, Planned Parenthood of San Antonio has raised $3.5 million towards a new facility that will offer all women’s healthcare services, including abortion, that meets the state’s restrictive requirements. Take that, Texas anti-choicers.

• Hyundai unveils its 2015 Tucson Fuel Cell hydrogen-powered car for $499/month.

• Love it:


• A new study shows autism begins long before birth, in the womb. But by all means, continue to bring back long-ago controlled diseases by refusing to vaccinate your kids. Stupid people.

• Our awesome hippie Pope has replaced the “Bling Bishop,” making his temporary expulsion permanent.

• An appeals court has ruled that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie broke the law when he pulled the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a nine state cap-and-trade system launched in 2008.

• Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban is struck down and Glenna DeJong and Marsha Caspar, who have been together 27 years, were first to get legally married. You crazy kids!

• A “sweetheart” pollution deal proposed last summer that would have allowed Duke Energy to pay a nominal fine for polluting North Carolina’s environment without being cleaning its messes up — privatize the gains! Socialize the losses!has been withdrawn following Duke’s massive coal ash spill which fouled the Dan River in February of this year. By the way, the Dan River coal ash spill has received zero attention in the national news media. I wonder why?

• Minnesota neighbors who noticed two injured Bald Eagles entangled in each others’ talons took to social media and were able to save the majestic birds.

• A chocolate lab named Buddy survived the horrific mudslide in Washington State.

• Westboro Baptist Church protested a Lorde concert in Kansas City, the group’s first protest since the passing of church leader Fred Phelps. But it’s the message of counterprotestors which grabbed the headlines.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Congratulations to Nashville high school senior Jack Rayson, one of just eight students in the U.S. to receive the Portfolio Gold Medal from the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. You can read his short story at the link.

• Someone has been performing random acts of kindness at Dyersburg fast food restaurants.

• Memphis is moving forward with “green lanes” — bike lanes protected from car traffic.

This week’s cool video is one you’ve probably already seen but I just could not stop watching firefighters rescue a construction worker from a burning building in Houston. Also heads’ up, the video is amateur, caught by workers across the street and the commentary is maybe best turned off. Or not, you be the judge:


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11 responses to “Good News Friday

    • And right on cue Jim arrives to piss in the punch bowl. You’re such a fucking troll, Jim.

      Yes, it’s excellent news that a corrupt politician has been taken out of the picture. Like that White Supremacist running as a Republican for the Colorado house. Forced to drop out because he forgot to scrub his website. Good riddance.

      Funny how many Republicans are racist assholes. Glad this one’s political aspirations got nipped in the bud.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Hey, it is good news to see any corrupt politician arrested. Just because it happens to be a lot of Democrats in California lately just makes it better. I think this is three and counting for California Democrats arrested over the past few weeks.

      • Considering there are far more Democrats holding elected office in California than Republicans that would make mathematical sense. Logic ain’t your strong suit, Jim-troll. Of course, California Republicans aren’t exactly angels:

        GOP candidate for Calif. governor is sex offender, served decade in jail for manslaughter


      • Jim in Memphis

        The best you could come up with is a person running for office in an open primary as a Republican? That is pretty lazy on your part SB – the guy is not even an elected official.

        And hey more good news – the corrupt Democrats are not limited to California –

      • Seriously? We’re going to have one of those “who’s more corrupt, Republicans or Democrats” conversations? Look no further than the Republicans’ great wide hope for 2016, whose political career is currently circling the drain. Chris Christie, RIP.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Again I say it is good news whenever any politician is arrested or thrown out of office for corruption. We need more enforcement on things like this. I don’t care which party they belong to. You typically only hammer on the Republicans so I wanted to point out the Democrats for you. Again, all politicians that abuse their office need to go. Of course this probably means 50% or more need to go, but any little bit helps.

      • When did I last hammer on a Republican under arrest/indictment? Seems like you’re the one who keeps bringing this up in relation to the Democrats. You certainly did this time.

        Fuck off, Jim. You’re such an unpleasant little turd.

  1. California Reptilicans? You mean like Duke Cunningham?

    • And of course there’s Gov. McDonnell of VA and his wife, currently under indictment. Seems to me he was a 2016 prospect, as well. It appears the Republicans are hard-pressed to find a 2016 presidential candidate who isn’t scandal-plagued or simply batshit insane. Poor dears are forced to go back to the Bushes and we all know how well THAT turned out the last two times.

  2. “I don’t care which party they belong to. You typically only hammer on the Republicans so I wanted to point out the Democrats for you. ”

    Jimbo, you really need to have a bit of consideration for others on this blog and park your manure spreader farther from the door. I’m currently having a “discussion”: with some asshat who sez he’s only concerned with “policy” on things like alternative energy and AGW. Oddly all of his positions are those pushed by the GOP/Kochsucker astroturfers and his language, like yours, seems to be pretty much lifted from the Atwater playbook.

    FWIW, I can certainly understand why people like Southern Beale (women) might be seeing the stark hypocrisy of the GOP, the party which trumpets their litany of “Family Values”, “The Moral Majority”, “Personal responsibility”, ” individual freedom” and “fiscal conservatism” for what it really is, the party of pissed-off, scared, privileged white males (and their batshit KKKrazzeepants wing, the Treasonbaggists).

    I don’t know which is more ridiculous, your claim to not know who Frank Luntz is (and how he and his cronies have made divisiveness the watchword of GOP politics OR that you DON’T know who he is and won’t trouble your beautifully empty mind to find out that what you’re pushing are tired, hackneyed, oft debunked GOP, “Just so” stories–let’s call them “Asswipes