Occupy Madison Avenue

Hey America, did you know there’s a culture war going on? Not the religious vs secular one we’ve always had, but a fun new one, the rich vs poor one? The takers vs makers one? The Occupy Wall Street vs Americans For Prosperity one? The “Me Generation” vs “Us Generation” one?

As an observer of the culture I find this new one far more interesting, relevant and, quite frankly, a far bigger deal than that other one. I know it’s a lot more fun for your Gannett fishwrap to write about Koran-burning pastors and fights over Muslim cemeteries in Rutherford County, and indeed these are important issues, I don’t mean to downplay them. But in terms of having a broad, lasting impact on American society, I think these religious wars over birth control and whether we are a Christian nation are really just sidebars.

This other culture war is the one which really defines us. It’s a battle of two beloved archetypes, pitting the “rugged individualist” against the “community organizer.” It’s a battle for the soul of America and American values. Do we value stuff? Or do we value each other? Are we all on our own? Or are we all in this together?

We’re not really having that national conversation right now, but it doesn’t mean the battle isn’t raging. Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” comment and Elizabeth Warren’s “you didn’t build that” speech brought it to the forefront, but post-election we’re just sort of dancing around the topic instead of having a direct debate.

And I have to say, if you want to know what’s happening in a culture, look at its advertising. Have you noticed that all of a sudden we’re seeing mixed-race and same-sex families in TV ads now? I think this is great. When Madison Avenue recognizes that the “average American family” is now multi-racial and multi-oriented, it tells me the bigots have lost and the all-inclusives have won (I know that’s not a word, I just made it up, but I like it).

So now we have a new culture war raging, and I find it absolutely fascinating to see it played out in … wait for it … car commercials.

If you watched the winter Olympic games, you repeatedly saw Cadillac’s ad featuring Mr. 1%er, a self-satisfied douchebag bragging on American exceptionalism and showing off all his cool stuff. This truly useless idiot seems to think we’re going to go back to the moon despite the fact that we keep cutting NASA’s budget so we can afford tax cuts for wealthy assholes like him. What a buffoon. I suppose he’s Cadillac’s target market. If you missed it, here it is:

This ad irritated a lot of us liberals, and no doubt it was designed to do just that. And now Ford has answered that ad with its own, featuring an actual community do-gooder named Pasho Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt, which takes food waste and turns it into compost for urban gardens.

You can see Ford’s “parody” ad here:

I just find this so fascinating. I suppose someone else will come out with an ad telling us to ride bicycles or use public transit. Wait for it, in 5… 4… 3….

Something big is happening in American culture right now. I wonder, maybe we need to be a little more intentional about the conversation? Instead of letting advertising agencies have the conversation for us? Just a thought.


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8 responses to “Occupy Madison Avenue

  1. ThresherK

    Cue Shrub’s telling response to the woman who wondered to the prez why she had three jobs and no healthcare: “Only in America”, Cadillac douche.

    Seriously, though: I can’t find it in two seconds, but I remember a Saab underwriting spot on PBS (back when PBS spots were short and quiet and one didn’t need to check the channel to see if one was tuned into a commercial station).

    At the end of the spot, our protagonist opened his garage door, with the new Saab in it, went into the unlit interior, and wheeled out his bicycle. The VO had something about “…and when to leave it home” or somesuch.

    That’s as close as we’re gonna get.

    • Yes I was thinking of that incident. “How ’bout that,” he marveled. “Uniquely American!” Um … out of necessity ya big fat dope. Nobody WANTS to work three jobs to make ends meet.

      So clueless.

  2. Meanwhile, Steven Seagal has apparently decided that being a TROO PATRIOT!(tm) requires his siding with Vlad Putin and contemplating asking for Russian citizenship:


    Oh, noes! If Seagal leaves MurKKKa who will Aryanzona find to replace Shurf Joe Thepiehole? There is a silver lining here, though; if Stevie goes to Russia and they start dubbing all of his films in Russian it will be more difficult to understand what he’s saying–and that’s a good thing.

  3. It’s prolly a falseflag op; he’s just going to cap Snowden.

  4. I haven’t seen the dirt ad, but the other one? yeah, I did, and my jaw dropped.