Tick Tock

An update on this story from last month about Rep. Curry (DUI) Todd’s effort to exempt Tennessee from daylight savings time:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — An effort to exempt Tennessee from daylight saving time has failed by one vote in the state House.

The House State Government Committee on Tuesday voted 6-5 against the measure sponsored by Republican Rep. Curry Todd of Collierville.

All together now: awwwwww. As you may recall, this was a half-baked idea from the get-go, with Rep. Todd originally proposing to do away with daylight savings time completely, then amending it to make daylight savings time permanent. He didn’t seem to know exactly what he wanted to do, just that for some reason changing the clocks twice a year seemed to chafe his britches and it must stop!

The confusion continued when Todd’s bill hit the State Government Committee:

Several lawmakers from the part of the state in the eastern time zone raised concerns that the measure would have caused their region’s time to be mismatched with neighboring states like Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia during part of the year.

Todd amended the bill to exempt East Tennessee from the bill, which caused other lawmakers to raise concerns about possible confusion over only part of the state adhering to daylight saving time.

Just …. stop. Stop being such a crazy old fool. Curry Todd’s district is just east of Memphis and I have to wonder if there isn’t something wrong with the water there. There’s a lot of cray-cray going on in that part of the state.


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7 responses to “Tick Tock

  1. Joseph Stans

    Maybe it’s the water but more likely setting the time on these digital clocks has got them whipped.

  2. “Just …. stop. Stop being such a crazy old fool”

    No, YOU just look!

    Look at all of those great, minimum wage, clocksetting jobs that Toddatime will NOT create now that his bill was sabotaged.

    Reality check time; FIVE people sided with him? WTF?!

    • It was a committee. It wasn’t the entire legislature. Seems like all but the craziest crap makes it out of committee.

      • I got that but that one shy of a majority in the committee (which I’m guessing is not evenly divided between GOPricks and Demoncrats) would even entertain the idea of forwarding this idiotic proposal to the full lege is scarystoopit.

  3. someone-else

    I am marginally sympathetic to Old Todd here. I think daylight “savings” time is goofy and I’d like to see it go away altogether. On the other hand, I am unable to praise Old Todd’s legislative or planning skills.
    When you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot, always decide in advance which foot should be the target.

  4. Jim in Memphis


    I remember Indiana as the state that could never decide what time it was. We would drive from Nashville to Chicago for vacation and depending on where in Indiana you stopped it could be either Central Daylight Time, Eastern Standard Time, or Eastern Daylight Time.

    Todd’s bill was pretty stupid either way he proposed it. There are just too many neighboring states that would get screwed up with TN not following daylights savings time with the rest of the nation. Memphis with MS and AR right next door, Chattanooga so close to GA, Clarksville and KY, and so many other locations. This was a dumb bill that should not have even received a single vote in favor.