Nope, no War On Women here:


Honestly, after all of the ginned-up fauxtrage the right has spewed over comparatively tame comments made by the likes of Melissa Harris-Perry, David Letterman, and even President Obama himself (“OMG! He said Trayvon Martin could’ve been his son! WELL I NEVER!”), the above should result in non-stop Fox News outrage, right? Calls for apologies and boycotts?

But of course it won’t, because IOKIYAR, and feminazis, and socialism, etc. etc.

Oh, and meet “the artist” here.

(h/t, Ana Marie Cox)


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8 responses to “Today’s IOKIYAR

  1. “Because you can’t make this shit up…”

    The caption on a poster with completely fake pictures. I guess you can make it up, after all.

  2. someone-else

    For the Breitbart crowd, this is actually above average work. Rude and stupid, sure, but it doesn’t actually say anything so the lies are only implied, the slanders only suggested. For the acolytes of Dead Breitfart, this is a step up.

  3. Randy

    …and of course I’m biased but I’ll take the left in a subversive art competition.

  4. In the socialistoneworld that these inept assholes fear is already upon us, they would have been “disappeared”, long ago.

  5. greennotGreen

    S.B., I know this is off-topic, but I recently returned from two weeks in China, and you’ll be happy to know that your site is blocked there.