It City Status Officially Revoked

Yesterday Nashville tore down this gorgeous 135-year-old mansion on Music Row to make way for Richard Branson’s new Virgin Nashville Hotel:


Sorry I don’t have a better picture. Nobody saw this coming. Maybe if we’d had a heads’ up someone could have gone down there to get a goddamn photo before the bulldozers arrived, y’know? As it is, we’re forced to rely on Google Street View to be the official record of Nashville history.

So, this is progress? No thanks. Real “It Cities” respect their history. And Rebecca Hamilton, trustee of the estate, who sold out and conveniently hid behind “no comment”? Giving you a one-fingered salute, honey.


In an email, the Metro Historical Commission tells me they’d been talking with the building’s new owners since December in an effort to get them to incorporate the original building into their design. This tells me they’ve known the wrecking ball was coming for months and never clued anyone else in about it: not the community they’re supposed to serve, not preservationists, not the news media.

As I said, if anyone had a heads’ up we could have at least got a goddamn picture. But no. So, major fail for another city agency.

Would love to know who’s financing this project. If it’s a local Nashville bank you can expect to hear from me and my middle finger.


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4 responses to “It City Status Officially Revoked

  1. No sense of history. The city should have intervened.

  2. tao

    Fairly common tactic these days. Demolish first. Pay fines and apologies later, maybe.
    They took out an historic church in the next town a few years ago to expand parking for a project that was never built.
    It’s not like the people of the historic affairs office were asleep while this was being perpetrated. More likely busy making a deposit at the bank.

    My condolences to the fine folks of Nashville.

    • YUP just found out that the Metro Nashville Historical Commission has known about this since December. Sigh. Nobody said a peep, not even so we could taking a dang photograph for the memory book.

  3. Mary Wilson

    How sad. To replace (secretly) a beautiful Nashville historical treasure for a commercial oddity, built by a foreigner who is NOT a citizen of the US or of Nashville (I am assuming.)