Good News Friday

Super busy this weekend, so behave yourselves.

• Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says he will sign the country’s toughest anti-GMO bill into law, which requires mandatory labeling of GMO foods.

• Gov. Daniel Malloy declared Connecticut is an EV “range confident” state, meaning 90% of residents are within 20 miles of an EV charger.

• Congratulations, Digby, on winning the Hillman Award for Opinion And Analysis Journalism.

• Aruba Petroleum has been ordered to pay a Texas family $2.95 million in a landmark ruling over contamination from fracking operations.

• Southern Democrats: not dead yet!

• Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed two major pro-gun bills.

• Southern Baptists are holding their first-ever human sexuality summit and while I don’t expect it to result in any radical change in the denomination’s views, there have been signs of progress:

“I just think we have to reject redneck theology in all of its forms,” pastor Jimmy Scroggins of West Palm Beach told ministers Monday night. “Let’s stop telling Adam and Steve jokes.”

A panel of five church leaders also told preachers to stop spreading falsehoods, like gay people were abused as children.

Overall, Greg Belser of Clinton, Miss., said pastors have to take particular care on this hot button topic.

“We’ve run off at the mouth, said things we shouldn’t have said. We’ve run around like a peacock all over the platform. We have said things because we were playing to the home team, and they all liked our act. On this issue, nobody likes our act, except the redneck factor.”

Belser says pastors should make friends with more gay people, whether their sexuality “agrees with our Bible or not.”

Still, the shrinking denomination isn’t giving ground on its position that homosexuality is a sin and that gay people who refuse to become celibate are not welcome as full members of Baptist churches.

One panelist suggested that the “culture war” is over on gay marriage and Baptists should become a “prophetic minority.”

Stop spreading lies and concede the battle is over? That would be quite a change.

• Nope, Democrats are not, in fact, running away from ObamaCare. Here’s Pennsylvania Rep. Allyson Schwartz, who is running for governor, embracing her ACA vote:

• That small-town Missouri mayor who said he “kind of agreed” with white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller has resigned.

• An Oklahoma Republican says the GOP has failed on women’s issues, and he’s right.

• More insurance companies are participating in the ObamaCare exchanges, increasing competition and keeping prices down.

• The wreckage of the City of Chester has been found in San Francisco Bay, near the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s been called a significant historical find, and important link to California’s 19th century Chinese American community.

• Gun control prevented a Columbine-type school shooting in Connecticut:

Carpenter first tried to purchase a 12-guage shotgun at a city gun store, Tactical Arms. When that was unsuccessful, she tried Walmart. She filled out an application, but there was a 2-week wait for paperwork to be processed, which thankfully left enough time for her to be caught.

• The California Public Utilities Commission just told the state’s three largest utilities to stuff it.

• Wow. Mushrooms to extract precious metals from used electronics? Sign me up.

I love it when conservatives whine about how the big, mean EPA wanted to kill a dam project because of a snail darter. My answer? Yeah, no one thought much of slime mold, either — until they invented penicillin.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Nashville is one of 15 cities under consideration to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

• Test scores will no longer be used to help determine whether teachers are licensed in the state.

This week’s cool video, The Brainwashing Of My Dad movie trailer:


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9 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Joseph Stans

    Oh dear! Pastor Jimmy Scroggins wants to reject redneck theology. Yes, of course. pardon me if I giggle a little.

  2. *chews on chair leg*
    *pees on rug*
    *runs through house after rolling in the garden dirt*
    *wags tail and barks*


  3. Redneck theology …. That’s funny !

  4. ThresherK

    Bet I’m not the first old-school swing fan who’s grateful that F. Glenn Miller doesn’t go by his middle name.

    • At times he has, according to a news story that I read last week.

      “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed two major pro-gun bills.”

      I think that she vetoed the gunz in gummint buildings out of “enlightened self-interest”–she knows how fucking KKKrazzeepants a lot of her gunzloonz constituents are.

      She then had to veto the companion bill so as not to be obviously hypocritical.

      “Southern Baptists are holding their first-ever human sexuality summit … there have been signs of progress:”

      They can now do the horizontal bop while standing up, because it will no longer be confused with them dancing?

  5. Randy

    I think if conception takes place in a vertical posture the offspring is Episcopalian.

  6. And there’s also this on the same funding for gunz studies that Southern Beale mentioned:

    I’d say that’s a pretty gutsy lady writing that story–and that was before I read the bit about her being a visiting professor at U of GA. I’m guessing that her job will be disappeared before next semester.