God Has A Sick Sense Of Humor

Barely a week after Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed the “guns everywhere” legislation into law (it goes into effect in July), and some overjoyed gun thug couldn’t resist gloating about how he can now take his gun everywhere “and you can’t do anything about it” to a bunch of puzzled/terrified families at a baseball game, this happened:

Shooter Injures Six In Georgia Town Where Everyone Is Required To Own A Gun

A gunman opened fire Tuesday morning at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Six were shot, with their injuries ranging from minor to two in critical condition. Authorities report that the gunman is dead.

The Georgia facility is located in Kennesaw, near Atlanta, a quiet suburb unique in the U.S. for mandating every household own at least one gun. The law is not enforced, so the Kennesaw gun ownership rate hovers around 50 percent, according to its police chief. That’s still higher than the average rate of gun ownership in the U.S., estimated to be about 34 percent. When the law was enacted in 1982, Kennesaw had only 5,000 residents. Today, it has a population of 30,000.

Gee, it’s almost like Someone is trying to tell someone else something. Hmm…


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14 responses to “God Has A Sick Sense Of Humor

  1. deep

    Uh… Well, if the victims kept their guns on their person at all times this never would have happened!

  2. someone-else

    I’m not religious–just barely “spiritual” — but it seems kinda unfair to blame God for an idiot behaving like an idiot in a state governed by idiots. I don’t even blame Darwin. The Georgia voters called this tune.

  3. The shooter was, no doubt, a atheist dumocrat running a false flag operation.

  4. Mary Wilson

    And TA DA, today in Atlanta, a shooting happened, the shooter actually was such a bad shot that he didn’t KILL 6 people, just wounded them. He was an employee at the FEDX Center. I guess their gun carry law now allows the nitwits to carry them TO THE WORKPLACE, even inside. And don’t you worry. We can expect defense of these two Georgia fools by La Pierre and the NRA before dark.

    • Jim in Memphis

      FedEx is posted as a gun free zone. Why didn’t the shooter obey the signs?

      • If it weren’t a gun-free zone the carnage would have been far worse with everyone shooting up the place. Moron.

      • Dear Jimbo, you braindead piece-of-shit. The guy obviously had some issues and since he shot the fucking guard before he shot other people we can pretty much figure that he wasn’t in the mood to let a printed sign slow him down.

        I know that you think your comment is either perceptive or funny. The sad reality is that you’re a fucking douchebag.

      • I’m sure how a 19-year-old got his hands on guns and ammo will be one of those polite questions we won’t be allowed to ask, too.

        SCRATCH THAT! Editing this comment to add this:

        “But note’s contents weren’t released. Officer Mike Bowman said investigators also found the box for the shotgun Geddy Kramer, 19, purchased prior to Monday’s shootings at the facility located near Kennesaw.

        “We do know the shotgun was owned by the suspect,” Bowman said.”

        So, he bought a shotgun. We know that much.

      • Also, there was a security guard on duty, who was shot, and remains in critical condition.

        So much for all of those security guards we’re arming to patrol our schools.

  5. If I want to shoot up a facility with armed guards, shooting the guards first would be the correct sequence to follow. I’m sure that Powerline or some other gunzloonz friendly site will have such information available for people who are ruminating about 2nd’Mendment s’lutions for activist judges and socialists.