Compassionate Conservatism Is Dead, If It Ever Lived

Yesterday Gov. Bill Haslam decided not to veto a bill that criminalizes women who use drugs while pregnant, over the strenuous objections of women’s rights and healthcare professionals. Opponents said the law will actually deter drug dependent women from seeking treatment.

Under the law, prosecutors can charge pregnant women with assault if they use drugs that harm the fetus. Vessels, ladies.

Meanwhile, the state of Oklahoma — last in the news for actually making it illegal for a municipality like Oklahoma City to raise the minimum wage — presided over the botched execution of convicted killer Clayton Lockett, who writhed in agony, clenched his teeth, and even sat up to say “man, something’s wrong” before dying of a heart attack 43 minutes later.

Oklahoma was using an untested and unproven chemical cocktail to perform the execution, since the drugs previously used have been withdrawn by manufacturers who oppose the death penalty. Free hand of the market, etc. etc.

Oh and by the way, this was Oklahoma’s second botched execution this year.

I am reminded that the Tennessee legislature celebrated Holy Week by voting to keep secret its lethal injection method, as well. Because things done in secret are always okay, amiright?

Outrage over the botched execution prompted noted conservative douchenozzle and former CNN contributor Erick Erickson to express the following on Twitter:


Meanwhile, last week Sarah Palin thought her team had come up with a real humdinger of a zinger when she told the NRA’s national convention,

“Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Blood-lust, much? The viciousness, inhumanity, and cruelty displayed by the right in such a short period of time is astonishing. It appears sadism is the new black for your modern Republican Party. That’s certainly the message I’m getting loud and clear.

Botched executions. Criminalizing pregnant women who need treatment, not prison. Secrecy and state-sanctioned torture. State-mandated poverty. Equating torture with baptism to get a laugh. Republicans, y’all are a sick, sick bunch.


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6 responses to “Compassionate Conservatism Is Dead, If It Ever Lived

  1. As the righties spiral toward oblivion their rhetorical flourishes become increasingly inane. Savages.

  2. Why did it have to be a Malaysian airliner that went missing when there are so many ReiKKKwing scumbags flying everywhere?

  3. ThresherK

    I know you’ve given up on it, but do you consider yourself as the ground zero target for CompashConserv?

    You are, after all, a suburban (in education / income / stability / assets / tastes / family job history, if not actually in a suburb) white woman somewhat out of college who might have been swayed by the idea, the words, of Shrub doing something for the blacks, gays, lesbians, and/ or Latinos.

    • Not sure I understand your question. I always saw “Compassionate Conservatism” as a Frank Luntz-approved form of brand marketing. It was a way for selfish RW assholes to feel good about being selfish RW assholes. I learned early on to put more stock in what a person does than what they say. Talk is cheap. And Bush’s “Compassionate Conservatism” never stood up to the test.

      Maybe around these parts there are some conservative Christian types who prefer not to have their worldviews challenged and would rather buy the spin than see the reality. Maybe they are ground zero. That’s just never been me.

      • ThresherK

        I learned early on to put more stock in what a person does than what they say.

        Well, I guess that answers my question.

        Nonetheless: In 2000 I saw CompashConserv as a bunch of window dressing designed aimed at WWW (wavering white women), of some means, education, and indecision, to give GWB the benefit of the doubt.

        After all, we were being told that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of policy difference between GWB and Al Gore.

        Persuadable men in purple suburbs, the actual battleground of swing states? They got the “have a beer” promotion aimed at them.

        It’s my contention that persuadable women in the same places (geographically and demographically) were the voters which Compassionate Conservatism was aimed for.

      • I never thought of it as being targeted more toward women, to be honest. Seems like a lot of the fear porn is targeted at suburban women, we’re the ones constantly told to be afraid of terrorists/rapists/home invasions/perverts at the playground etc. etc.