Who You Gonna Call?

This Libertarian tech paradise is apparently for real:


Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before. Like the ill-fated voyage of the Gastonguays, Blueseed’s Libertarian tech paradise will be an awesome idea until a tsunami, climate change, pirates, bankruptcy or outbreaks of norovirus and Legionnaires Disease have everyone begging for Uncle Sam to come to the rescue.

Happens every damn time.

Check out the “coolness factor” quotient:


So a large chunk of these folks are interested in the idea, not because of the onerous Visa application problem (which is the supposed reason for Blueseed to exist in the first place) but rather the “coolness factor” and “awesome space” that is a large boat in the ocean. That’s pretty typical of these Libertarian tech types, IMHO.


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17 responses to “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Hmmm. I wonder who will end up in steerage?

  2. Jim in Memphis

    Only 23% of those interested are from America. I don’t see why the US would feel the need to respond to any problems on this thing.

    I wonder what they are doing for power generation, food, fresh water, etc. This looks like it would be expensive as hell to live and work on, but more power to them if they can get people to come.

    • Good points. I’m sure America would come to the rescue to save the citizens of countries who are considered our friends and allies: India, UK, Netherlands, etc. We’d look like huge assholes if we didn’t.

      I’m just really curious about this thing, seeing as how Silicon Valley is leading the charge on immigration reform under the guise of that whole “visa issue.” I don’t work in that field so what do I know but it does seem like a large number of foreigners have found work in the tech field. Someone is getting these visas …

  3. Does anyone realize how cold the ocean is off the California Coast? They’ll all get raw nipples and be home in two weeks.

  4. “So far, over 1500 entrepreneurs from 500 startups in 70+ countries have expressed interest in living on Blueseed.”

    I don’t see how 1500 “expressed interest” translates to a boatload of people paying for it.

    If this chart:


    is the one that they’re looking at for where they can put their boat and be in “International waters” it’s gonna be a long ride to the beach.

  5. Is this the beginning of a real-life BioShock ?

  6. deep

    Doesn’t even have to be compared to fiction. All you need is some kind of assault or rape to totally ruin it. Yeah, I’m sure they’ve got their own “security” to ensure the safety of the passengers, but no laws, no courts. All you need is one bad seed (ha, see what a did there?) among the 1500 to come on with malicious intent and ruin it for everyone.

    • Jim in Memphis

      They cover the law aspect under their FAQ. Basically the ship will be registered with a country and follow their laws. Of course the only way on or off the ship – officially at least – is to go through an American port. Therefore you have to be able to get at least a tourist visa to enter the US to board or leave the boat and could be arrested for any crimes at that time I guess.

      • deep

        Well then it’s not really “unregulated” then, eh?

        Ohhhh wait, I see, it’s “regulations” versus “laws”. At least they concede that some laws are beneficial, just not the laws that enable regulations. Which in turn makes regulations have the force of law. Soooo… Hey! That means I can sue them in US courts for any violations of regulations the plan on conducting there.

        I guess you’re right though, if you want to file suit against one of the 1500 (or arrest them) you’ll have to get them when they enter a port.