Tennessee Gun Report

One accidental shooting this week and assorted gun cray. Enjoy!

• May 13, 2014:

1- An intoxicated Kingsport man crashed his car and threatened Good Samaritans who tried to help, then threatened arresting officers, saying,

[…] “we couldn’t hold him forever and as soon as he got out of jail he was going to find us and kill us with his AR-15 rifle.”

2- Fundraisers, Tennessee-style: A bake sale and … a raffle of a Glock 9mm? It’s to raise funds for an 8th grade trip to New York City but some Crockett County parents are not pleased.

• May 12, 2014:

UT football player Jalen Reeves-Maybin was struck in the arm by a stray bullet while attending a party in Clarksville, his hometown:

Clarksville police say they were responding to reports of shots being fired at a party on Sunday at 2:45 a.m. when Reeves-Maybin said he was standing in the street and “someone started shooting and he then felt a sharp pain in his arm.” Reeves-Maybin told police he didn’t see who fired the shots. Reeves-Maybin, who is 19 years old, was treated and released from Gateway Medical Center.

• May 10, 2014:

An argument at a south Nashville Jack In The Box of course ended with one person pulling out a gun and shooting. Because armed society/polite society, etc. etc.

• May 9, 2014:

1- A Chattanooga woman was accidentally shot in the foot when her friend tried to unload a handgun.

2- A Memphis woman, angered that she couldn’t merge into traffic, pulled a handgun on another driver. Guns in cars fail.

3- Cookeville police were called when bystanders reported seeing someone in a pickup truck holding a gun to another person’s head. Turns out the gun was a toy and it was all a joke, but both people got arrested anyway.

• May 8, 2014:

Respect the culture:


This prom photo of Grainger County high schoolers Miranda Lovin and Hunter Jarnigan received a lot of negative feedback. I can’t imagine why.

• May 7, 2014:

Several responsible gun owners responsibly forgot their loaded guns in their carry-on bags in Memphis (on May 7) and in Nashville (May 4 and May 6).


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20 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. I read the comments on the paper’s blog. Predictably pro-gunz and anti-liberal. Comments with things like, “kids bein’ kids”, “Pix of kidz with teh gunz, meh.”.

    I think that they might have something there. I mean, look at this photo:

    What’s not to like? He’s holding the weapon in a safe manner and his “little man” fingers are nowhere near the triggerguard.

    This one:


    same old, same old.

    There is a small distinction to be made between the two photos I linked to and the prom photo. The kids in the prom photo have prolly not actually fucking KILLED people, yet.

    Another thing I noticed in the comments section was that nobody had suggested any other funny, cute things that the couple might have been doing, such as simulating oral or anal sex; shootin’ up smack; smokin’ crack; pretending to be “home invaderz” or, conversely,”stand your grounders” or any of a variety of activities that U.S.ian young adults engage in, Yeah, I wuz kiddin’; allathat shit is rilly sick, but gunz, man, gunz are ’bout FREEDUMB and bein’ a hip teen!

  2. Is it proper to wear Camo after Easter?

  3. tao

    Guns have a nasty habit of just going off for no particular reason as far as their Responsible Gun Owners can tell. And that going off thingy seems to come along rather often when RGO’s engage in playtime with their guns. Rifles, pistols and shotguns are not toys.
    More and more RGO behavior includes grabbing those weapons they keep for serious stuff and posing for XMas card pictures, or blowing off a few rounds for New Year. Increased exposure to inherently deadly machinery leads to increased injury. If the Darwin effect were limited to the RGO, it would amount to a self cleaning oven effect.
    If there were 500 couples in this picture, playing with 1,000 rifles, odds are one or two would have a round chambered, and it would be the May NRA calendar photo next year. Or at least it would be if none of the rifles fired for no particular reason and shot someone.

  4. @tao:

    If 1 or 2 or 739 of those thousand gunz went off (all by its onesies) then that person shooting it would obviously be a Obamandingo Terrarist runnin’ a false flag oppo.

    BTW, if I really, really want to be one with the universe, do I have a Tao Jones?

  5. Miranda and Hunter. Nicely-named children, no?

  6. “Turns out the gun was a toy and it was all a joke, but both people got arrested anyway.”

    If he had stupidentally shot his nephew in the head with his REAL gun he’d prolly have slept in his own bed that night.

  7. Snide remarks about people breaking the law and a sideways insult in regards to two young people enjoying themselves and then heading off to Prom all while using the 1st Amendment which is protected by the 2nd. Ironic to say the least.

    • The First Amendment is protected by the 2nd? Interesting perspective. Amazing, really, how I’ve been using my free speech without benefit of a gun strapped to my hip all these years.

      • Thanks to all those that do.

      • As are you to think that it isn’t the presence of million and millions of firearms in the hands of American public that keeps the ever growing Big Government from stripping all of our rights away, including the 1st Amendment.

      • Yes, exactly. Every word you wrote is delusional. Get some help, buddy.

        Also, millions of firearms in the hands of American public is delusional. The rate of gun ownership in America has actually declined. Interesting that the rate of raging paranoia fueled by the NRA and spread on Fox News has increased, prompting the gun-owning few to increase the size of their arsenals.

      • It is a fact that there are between 300-400 million firearms in the hands of the American public. As to the declining rate in firearm ownership, you aren’t that naive to think that people, when asked if they own a firearm, especially in the political environment of today, are going to be 100% honest. Or am I simply giving you too much credit? And as to “raging paranoia,” it’s only paranoia if there is no rational basis for the fear.

      • Alrighty, then dear. You have, in 3 comments here, basically verified everything I’ve every thought about the gun extremists. Deeply paranoid, delusional, and in need of help. I feel deeply sorry for people whose worldview is so stark, who hate this country and everyone in it so much, and who are so out of touch with reality. It’s very sad to see.

      • This must be Bizarro World. You use a few stories of people breaking the law while a gun is present and other “gun cray” by exercising your 1st Amendment in order to bash the 2nd without appreciating that it is the 2nd that allows you to keep and use the 1st and I’m the one who is “delusional, and in need of help.” I defend a Constitutional Right and I’m the one that “hates this country and everyone in it.” You point out 5-8 stories involving firearms as definitive proof that the rest of the millions and millions of gun owners are lunatic gun nuts and I’m the one who is “paranoid” and “out of touch with reality.”

      • The Tennessee Gun Report is a weekly column. It’s not just 5-8 stories. It’s 5-8 stories a week.

        And dude, hate to break it to you, but you and your buddies have done absolutely zero to protect any of my Constitutional rights. This is America, it’s not Somalia or Syria or even Baghdad. Nobody is afraid of you. You’re a bunch of little boys pretending to have some sort of cultural relevance when in fact you’ve becoming increasingly irrelevant. It’s very sad.

        I’m done talking with you.

      • So “dude” which is it, is the mass of gun owners in America a plight and a scourge which must be watched and controlled or “increasingly irrelevant” and little more than gnats to be swatted away? They can’t be both.

  8. Dear Mr. Apple:

    When I need defending my rights I’ll ask for it from people who don’t think that gunz are the answer to their every problem.

    You’re a delusional fuckwit.

    • And I hope there will be someone left there to defend your rights especially if the anti-2nd assclowns of the world get their way.

  9. You really need to go back to whatever Weenie LaPutrid fanboi website you came from. You should be with your own kind; the kind that live in fear.