Today In Tennessee Hate

Hey everyone, remember this story? Ha ha, well, funny thing, it seems the accused party has sued both Red Lobster and the waitress who posted the offending receipt on Facebook:

He said he was running tight on time, so he had his waitress put the meal into a to-go container. And when he paid the bill, he wrote “none” under tip.

The next day, a friend told Barnes to check Facebook, because his personal information was on a receipt where someone had written the n-word.

The story soon went viral and got worldwide attention.

Yes, it certainly did! This became national news, in fact. I, your humble scribe, vented a good bit of spleen over this one. I said, “Williamson County is both petri dish and microphone for the conservative worldview” and also, “let’s not fein surprise that it’s racist as hell, too.”

Woopsies! I may owe Williamson County a teensy weensy apology over this one! We will wait and see. However, I still maintain you people down there cannot drive. Especially you ladies in your big SUVs with your cell phones pressed to your ears. In particular, the lady in the black Acura SUV with the Romney-Ryan bumper sticker who blew through a stop sign at the Hill Center yesterday. Your friendly little wave did not make up for the fact that you nearly T-boned me.

But while one person in Williamson County may possibly not be the racist asshole we thought he was, at least one Nashvillian is an anti-gay bigot. They caught this one on security cameras:

According to a Davidson County affidavit, Massey was holding beer while waiting in line at the register.

Another man asked him “Where’s the party at?” and Massey allegedly responded with a gay slur.

The man, who is gay, asked if he had been called the slur and Massey said he did, then repeatedly asked “Now what’s up?”, according to the affidavit.

Massey allegedly went back to his car and told another person to help him “handle that.”

The pair went back inside the market and punched the victim in the head and face, causing the man to lose consciousness, police said. The victim needed 13 stitches on his face.

So, we’ve still got a ways to go here.


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6 responses to “Today In Tennessee Hate

  1. Bullies need to be in crowds for the force multiplication factor of their courage. Fucking cowards.

    Let’s hope two things.

    First, that the victim of the assault is going to be okay, physically and emotionally.

    Second, that these two homophobic assholes get their tickets punched for felonious assault, aggravated assault and whatever else they can put on the docket.

  2. Southern Beale:

    I went back and looked at the original post; two things stand out.

    The photo I see there does not identify the person who signed it. End of story. He’s outed himself.

    Trying to get a good image out of the snapshot on her original FB comment is not easy. I tweaked the contrast and tried to get a better rendition. Not much chance.

    The signature is not legible and his “credit card number” is the last four digits only. The only person or people that could provide his “personal info” from that is somebody like the NSA or the card’s issuer.

    I don’t see how anyone could determine who he was by looking at that receipt. Am I missing something that’s been reported about this situation?

  3. greennotGreen

    Why didn’t he give her a tip? It doesn’t take longer to write in an amount than it does “none.”

    • Because he says that the order was to go. Wait, it was to go, but only after he found he was in a hurry. No, that’s not it either; he found out it was an EMERGENCY so he didn’t have time to eat there but did have time to wait for the food to be boxed up.

      From a cursory reading of the blog that is dedicated to seeing JUSTICE SERVED the young woman is not ‘zackly the brightest bulb in the box–which automatically makes her guilty, well, black and guilty.

      If you look at the note he wrote (photo at this link: his signature doesn’t look like what he signed on the guest check. I’m not sure if he doesn’t sign his name the same way all of the time or not (I sometimes use my full name; other times my first initial, middle and last names for a signature). The note is undated and has a LOT of “n” words in it, the shape, size and spacing are not uniform. Not sure what that’s supposed to tell us, it does not illuminate.

  4. The young man claims to have a “handwriting analysis expert” who will testify that it’s not his handwriting, except for the “none” and his illegible signature. So that means he has his copy of the receipt and knew what was on it as soon as he looked at it? Or does it mean that he doesn’t have hia copy of the receipt and is completely full of shit?

    It appears from some more digging that he started the ball rolling back in October, a month after the incident. The timeline is anything but clear.

    His original story was that he was in a hurry and so he asked for his order-to-go. The latest thing I read claims that he and his wife ordered and then got a phone call and had to leave the restaurant.

    The comments defending him at the “Justice for Devin Barnes” website are a cesspit but I’ve read a number of them. They keep asserting that his name and signature are both visible on the receipt. I cannot decipher the print well enough to know exactly what it says but the signature is an illegible scrawl.

    My guess is that he saw how well it worked out for the young woman and after being told by an attorney or six that there is no way that anyone can PROVE who wrote it, he’s looking for a big payday for himself.

    For me the tipoff is when someone sues for a lot of money for their pain and suffering and doesn’t add that any monies above and beyond legal costs and the like will be donated to a worthy cause.