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Comments now closed. Too much ignorant RW propadanda which, I might add, has absolutely nothing to do with the post. Yes, everything is always Obama’s fault and Bush The Lesser was wonderful. Fuck off, Jim.

Apparently this photo is making the rounds of Uncle Ernie and Aunt Bertha’s email:


It purports to show 73-year-old Bill Moyer attending a VFW speech by President Obama. The funny thing? The picture’s been ‘shopped. It was actually taken at a speech made by President George W. Bush in 2005.


Apparently the picture has made the rounds, photoshopped to allegedly be taken during speeches by Sen. Ted Kennedy, Vice President Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi.

This reminds me that a lot of the anti-Obama bumper stickers I’ve been seeing are clear rip-offs of anti-Bush stickers and memes we libs sported during the last administration. Last week I saw a car with a sticker reading “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot,” which of course first appeared as an anti-Bush sticker, with “Texas” in place of Kenya.

Some of the right’s attempts to co-opt liberal slogans are a little odd and seem to miss the point. I’ve seen a few “1-20-17 End Of An Error” stickers around. We liberals sported those same stickers under Bush, the date of course reading 1-20-2009. The point of “end of an error,” naturally, was to reference the Supreme Court decision. Conservatives don’t seem to get that.

You guys need to get your own memes. You’re sorta looking like you don’t have any of your own ideas.


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23 responses to “Email FWD Electric Boogaloo BS

  1. Joseph Stans

    In order to get their own “memes” they need some good smart folk. The best and brightest of the conservatives are barely able to carry the bags of progressives. basically, you have dunces in local RNC headquarters photo-shopping what they find. I’m waiting see what they will do with “Tippecanoe and Tyler too!” After the exhaust all the iterations of that babbling halfwit Reagan it will interesting to see what historical flim flam David Barton can come up with.

  2. Whenever I see the old guys with the American Legion or VFW hats and banners and sashes and badges and the rest I think to myself,:

    “Really? WTF is so wrong with your life that you have to do this shit?.”

    There is NOTHING wrong with being a veteran and being proud of your service. There is a FUCKTON wrong with thinking that having served, in any capacity, imbues the veteran with special knowledge about who’s telling the truth at some political event.

    No, you didn’t fight for my freedom to listen to you drone on endlessly about Ronnie Raygunz or any other KKKonservative IKKKon being the bestest PotUS ever!

  3. Bitter Scribe

    This is the I’m Rubber You’re Glue school of political strategy. Otherwise known as You’re the Real Racist.

  4. Jim in Memphis

    Seems Obama’s Administration is trying to copy the Bush administration here…

    I assume the Democrats in Congress will be calling for a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of this.

    • Mnemosyne

      From the story you linked to:

      The list of 15 people was drawn up by the military, written into a routine press report and sent to Washington.

      This story makes me wonder if the tensions between the military and the CIA are starting to get ugly, since it was the military that put his name on the list. Apparently no one on the White House staff who received the list recognized the name so they let it go through.

    • Why would they need to you dumb fuck, when the White House has called for an investigation of this. When Scooter Libby outted Valerie Plame the Bush Administration refused to cooperate and circled the wagons, it took every ounce of pressure to get the minute measure of accountability we DID get and Karl Rove never got so much as a hand slap when we all know he’s the one who orchestrated the whole thing. Libby played fall guy and got to play golf at a cushy country club prison for a few months before being forgiven.

      Fuck off, Jim.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Wow you came up with a lot of conclusions that were not found by the independent investigator in that case. Can you tell me where it was that Libby was found guilty of outing Plame? Can you show me where Rove was involved? Hey at least Obama is mad again at the actions of his administration. I am sure he has no idea how this happened since he has no control of things that go on under him – he just gets mad and promises to fix it. No responsibility is ever taken for anything that has gone wrong under his watch, but at least he is mad about it all.

      • You’re so fucking ignorant, Jim. Get your head out of your ass. So Robert Petzl wasn’t forced to resign over the VA scandal? Lois Lerner and Holly Paz weren’t placed on administrative leave while IRS brouhaha investigated? Joseph Grant didn’t resign from the IRS? The State Dept.’s Eric Boswell, Scott Bultrowicz, Charlene Lamb, Raymond Maxwell weren’t forced out over #Benghaaaaaazzzzi? Kathleen Sebelius isn’t gone from HHS?

        Most of these “scandals” were turned into politicized outrage by the GOP in the first place. And speaking of, how fast were Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod forced out before it was discovered that those scandals were complete political BS too?

        Google “White House Officials Resigns” you dumb fuck. That’s far more accountability than we ever got from Bush The Lesser, who put cronies and incompetents in office and then was SHOCKED when we got “heckuva job Brownie” moments.

      • Jim in Memphis

        “So Robert Petzl wasn’t forced to resign over the VA scandal?” You mean the guy that had already announced his retirement was forced to resign over this? Oh wow that is really sticking it to him.

      • By the way, how many Bush Administration officials resigned over the VERY same thing?

        2002 Memory Hole: VA chief Anthony Principi is fighting two enemies–a huge backlog of claims and barriers to VA health care.

      • I’m confused, Jim. You say there’s no accountability in the Obama Administration, and yet the article you link to clearly states Dr. Petzl “has come under fire on Capitol Hill over management problems at VA hospitals in Georgia and Pittsburgh, where a number of patients died.” So he announced he’s leaving after this scandal/incompetence/whatever comes out. And this proves your point how…???

        I mean, I’m sorry you haven’t been aware of the long-running issues with the VA. Maybe try getting your news from someone other than the Republican email machine?

      • Jim in Memphis

        The guy comes under fire and is allowed to continue working and retire at a time of his choosing – with I would guess full retirement benefits. Lots of people need to be fired for gross incompetence and anyone that received a bonus based on their fraudulent manipulation of the waiting lists or other paperwork need to be prosecuted criminally.

      • That’s absolutely a mischaracterization of the facts. Again, stop trolling my blog with your Republican talking points straight out of Fox News you little shit. You’re too stupid to have an intelligent conversation.

  5. deep

    And then there’s the liberal meme “Republicans never read the bible!” I saw a Republican commentor accuse the same thing of liberals the other day when a liberal commentor quoted that “love your neighbor” part of the bible.

    Good to see lib trolls quoting the Bible.

    Now read the rest of it.

  6. Hey, it’s fucking asshole, Jimbo from Memphis, once again proving that he knows less than my roommate Buddy the Wonderdog.

    Since it’s already been pointed out by Southern Beale that you’re a moron it’s hardly necessary to waste time doing so but your first comment is idiotic. Bushco’s outing of Valerie Plame was in retaliation for her husband (Joe Wilson) saying that the Nigerian Yellowcake story was bullshit.

    The actual “outing” was done by that piece-of-shit Robert Novak–who’s now fucking dead, which is a good thing.

    So, no, you’re full of shit, as usually is the case when you make your stupid assertions.

    I’m only mildly surprised that you had the time to come here today but couldn’t find the time to go back to last Friday’s post to apologize to the hard working professionals at the VA for impugning their service, you asshole.

    Go count your money, douchebag.

    • And what’s been lost on EVERYONE is that the entire yellowcake story was to justify a fucking invasion of Iraq which became the GRAND AND GLORIOUS Iraq fucking WAR which killed thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis and bankrupted this goddamned country SUPPORT THE TROOPS BOO-RAH Jesus but this shit pisses me off like you would not believe. IT WAS ABOUT COVERING THEIR LIES FOR THE FUCKING WAR YOU MORONS how do people not get that?

      • JR in WV

        You go Souther Beal!

        I’m with you 100% woman, the Busites keep pretending the cowardly deserter was a great leader when he couldn’t spell leadership!

        I was drafted and enlisted in the USN in 1970. Bush’s father got him a smooth ride in the Air National Guard, and he couldn’t be bothered to even show up! He should have been busted as a deserter in war time and done the time that kind of violation required.

    • Jim in Memphis

      Would that be the hard working administrators for the VA that lied about services provided to enhance their bonus payments?

      And it was Richard Armitage that leaked Plame’s name to Novak. But he was never prosecuted for it. Apparently it was not a crime.

  7. “Would that be the hard working administrators for the VA that lied about services provided to enhance their bonus payments?”

    Dear brainfucked Jimbo:

    Please let me know the next time you see a VA administrator or ANYBODY above the pay grade of the people I deal with at the VA, having anything to do with actually delivering healthcare.

    I know that you think you’re scoring points and being “oh, so very clever” pretending that you weren’t lumping the entire VA into one lump and saying, “BAD VA”. And, yes, I know that I tend to look at you as being just one more, completely interchangeable brainfucked, piece-of-shit libertarlibag but there’s a difference–you fucking people ARE all the same.

    Armitage was not charged in the Plame Affair, for two reasons. The primary one was that he “helped” with the investigation (where help is construed to mean, “Threw somebody ELSE under the bus.”. The secondary reason was that the Special Counsel said that he had no credible evidence that he knew what he knew when he knew it.

    As for Novak, he was always a shit-heel but there were still a few decent people who thought he was a journalist until Plamegate. Now, a decent person wouldn’t let their DOG piss on that asshole if he was on fire.

    • Jim in Memphis

      So you are ok with the admin people wasting money by denying healthcare so that they get bigger bonuses? You don’t think this affects the healthcare delivered by the VA?