Good News Friday

Good news this week? Let’s see, we had another mass shooting and Maya Angelou died. That sucked. But it wasn’t all bad. Here are a few items I picked up from around the web.

No good news out of Tennessee. Sorry, it’s hot and miserable here and it’s not even June.

• Meet VW’s e-Golf, Volkswagen’s all-electric car, which comes to the U.S. in 2015. Cute little ride.

• Good news/bad news: NoX, So2 and Co2 emissions continue to fall as the U.S. power industry’s use of coal declines in favor of renewables and lower-carbon sources. Some of that is from natural gas, which is bad news. But overall, the report shows the Clean Air Act is having a positive impact on the air we breathe.

• That Idaho couple who invented the solar roads? They just crowdfunded $1.5 million to get their project going.

• SCOTUS just made it harder to execute the intellectually disabled.

• Indianapolis public schools will provide a free breakfast, lunch and snack to all students starting this fall.

• Winning the lottery is not, in fact, a curse. Good to know.

• The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s attempts to fearmonger about the cost of climate change falls apart when you look past the scary-voiced announcer dude, says Nobel Prize winning economist.

• Related: China will launch a national carbon market by 2018. Pretty sad that the U.S. is taking a back seat here.

• Ancient humans traded brawn for brains, says science and evolution. That’s kinda the ultimate debunking of the NRA’s main talking point, IMHO.

• “Beam me up, Scotty” just got closer to being a real thing.

• A lost draft of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy” has been found, and it includes unpublished passages Adams had cut from the original. I’m sort of ambivalent about this. If the author cut pieces from his work, there was a reason, and maybe we should respect his artistic decision-making. On the other hand, he kept the passages for a reason, too — they didn’t end up in the trash. So, I dunno.

• The House voted to add $19.5 million in funding to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. It’s a start.

• This week in our Awesome Hippie Pope: olive branches for Israel and Palestine.

This week’s cool video, thanks to the awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson:


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  1. deep

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    You will be missed Maya

  2. From the “Beam me up…” bit.


    “There is a big race going on between five or six groups to prove Einstein wrong,” said Ronald Hanson, a physicist who leads the group at Delft. “There is one very big fish.”

    is the difference between science and faith.

    There is nearly zero probability that the scientists involved are heretics or want to “beat” Einstein. They just want to do SCIENCE.