Ugly Americans

From comments, it appears conservatives were for freeing Bowe Bergdahl before they were against it. Check out this June 2011 memory hole.


Is this some new strain of Obama Derangement Syndrome or what? Republicans are actually going all-in on the “an American POW should rot in an Afghan prison for another 5 years” thing.

Meanwhile, our news media continues to spread misinformation, such as that the Bowe Bergdahl deal was in exchange for “the release” of five Gitmo detainees. Actually, they’re not being released, they’re going to Qatar, for a year at least. Potayto, potahto, perhaps — but it’s not like these guys are gonna show up with explosives strapped to their chests at JFK or anything. I’ve heard people say Qatar can’t be trusted, but if that’s the case why the hell do we have a military base there, from which we launched all of our Iraqi exploits of the past 20 years? Our US Air Force Central Command is located in Qatar. We invaded Iraq the first time to protect Qatar’s borders. Now we can’t trust them? Seriously? The idea that these guys are going to become leaders of terrorist cells seems like blatant, unfounded fearmongering. Some folks just aren’t happy unless we’re on a permanent war footing, I guess.

(BTW, speaking of people who negotiated with the Taliban, remember this? Unocal is now defunct, swallowed by the Chevron Corporation. People upset about negotiating with the Taliban might want to keep an eye on our multinational oil companies, too. Just sayin’.)

Maybe Obama should have brought in Seal Team 6 to rescue Bergdahl. Oh wait, conservatives didn’t like that, either.

While all of this is going on, we have CNN and CBS News starting the character-assassination of Bowe Bergdahl, calling him a deserter or at best an incompetent who walked away from his post and forced the U.S. to expend valuable resources and time trying to get him back. No ticker-tape parade for you, buddy. Saving Jessica Lynch this is not. There will be no movie-of-the week. This dude’s going straight to home video.

I bet you a million bucks that Regnery Publishing is readying its “The Truth About Bowe Bergdahl” smear books right now, in time for the 2016 Presidential Election. You know, Republicans have got nuthin’ if they can’t bang the “Democrats make you less safe” drum during a presidential election.

They are truly horrible people. Hard not to imagine how differently this whole thing might be playing out if the deal were negotiated by a President Romney.

I really don’t think conservatives recognize how repellant their constant criticisms of every single thing the Obama family does looks to reasonable people


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  1. Oh, yeah, and from the photo in the link–his dad’s a fucking HIPPIE! Well, either that or totes into Duck Dyn–,oh, wait, he grew the beard to be in solidarity with his son… Well, his son’s a goddamned terrorist, alsotoo.

    • You’ve obviously been talking to that crank Allen West, who claims the dad’s first words on visiting the White House were in Arabic. We’ve hit Defcon CREEPING SHARIA!

      • Laughs at Trolls

        Interesting. When I first saw the dad (who’s from Idaho), my first thought was, “Wacko Mormon cultist”. ‘Murica just LOVES their wacko Mormon cultists–they even nominated one to run for POTUS in the last election.

  2. Joseph Stans

    Repellant they may be to reasonable people but it is important to understand their target audience is not made up of reasonable people.

  3. I’m sure those 5 fellows are quite clear they have targets on their backs. Only Americans would believe it’s like they were dropped at a mall like a bunch of teenagers. Anwar al-Awlaki ring a bell?

  4. Here’s what a typical conservative blog was printing three years ago.

    FREE BOWE BERGDAHL ! PFC Bowe Bergdahl is a prisoner of war held by the Haqqani Network in Afghanistan. He was last seen June 30th 2009 in Paktika Province Afghanistan. Bowe Bergdahl has been deprived of liberty and yet his prisoner status seems to have been completely overlooked by the media. His family needs our help. Please call or write to your Congressman and Senators and request their intervention and action. He is rumored to have been taken by the Taliban into Pakistan. IF THEY CAN FIND BIN LADEN, WHY NOT BOWE?

    I think a couple of conservatives might have been caught off-guard and initially expressed their joy about Bergdahl’s rescue.

  5. StringOnAStick

    I get the feeling some of the chaff they are tossing up is to distract from the fact that he was held in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. You know, the country we send so much $ to through US corporations that take such a nice cut of the action. Look over there!

    • I hadn’t heard about this particular incident but I do know that the Oak Hill commission election is getting ugly. They are 100% residential neighborhood and have ZERO property tax (located not too far from us, actually — I often run through there on weekends). Very popular with the well-to-do set because of the no property tax thing. Well, Republicans in the state leg are trying to do away with our state Hall Income Tax, which is a tax on dividends and trust funds, and the like, and towns like Oak Hill with no commercial district and no property tax get all of their operating income from the Hall tax. So with the Hall Tax going bye bye, they’ve had to find another way to get revenue for the services the good people of Oak Hill enjoy (like trash collection … road maintenance … etc.) One suggestion was to take a small residential strip on the city’s border with Brentwood, which faces a commercial strip, and change it from residential to commercial. That way they’d get some sales tax revenue. And the hilarity ensued. There are some real nutters running on a “Keep Oak Hill Residential” platform, and I suspect some of those are of the “OMG SECULAR HUMANISM IS EEEVUL” variety. This is your community on the Tea Party. They want their cake and they sure as hell don’t want to pay for it.

  6. If it had been Romney, it would evidence of statesmanship.

  7. Laughs at Trolls

    Stonekettle Station has a great, great post about this very topic at Disclaimer: I am not in any way, shape, or form related to or even know the guy who writes these posts; I just read them and enjoy.

  8. I couldn’t help but think that the FOX News coverage of this event was motivated by Obama-hate. If Obama arranged the release of this guy, it must be wrong. While, Obama’s failure to release the Marine in Tijuana is also wrong.

    • Speaking of the guy in Tijuana, does anyone buy his story? That he “accidentally” crossed the border in the middle of the night with a truck full of guns? Calling bullshit on that.

    • Is there anything FuckTheNew’sCorpse does that ISN’T motivated by Obamahate?

      • You will appreciate this:

        “Fox News contributor Richard Grenell and his public relations firm have been coordinating interviews for soldiers criticizing the actions of recently-released Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

        “Those critics have said that Bergdahl, who had been imprisoned by the Taliban since 2009, risked the lives of soldiers who tried to find him after he reportedly walked off his Afghanistan base.”

        Richard Grenell, of course, was John Bolton’s spokesman and worked on the Romney campaign.

        I know y’all are shocked SHOCKED to find this kind of coordination going on in the conservative cesspool.

  9. Maybe you’ll get to this down the road…but, if the GOPukelicans wanna talk about “We will NEVER negotiate with terrarists” they might want to NOT talk about this:

    or this:

    just sayin.

  10. Mnemosyne

    Today, both Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks are saying that Obama did the right thing by negotiating Bergdahl’s release. In other words, Frank Luntz got the polling results of how these attacks are going over with the general public and screeched, “Oh, shit! Retreat! RETREAT!”