Good News Friday

Another busy week for me. Here are a few good news stories to start the weekend off. No video this week because I didn’t have time. SORRREEE.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to stop same-sex marriage in Oregon, handing the National Organization for Marriage yet another defeat. Anyone remember the last time NOM won a court case?

• Those ads that run before the movie starts at the local multiplex? Hopefully, they’re about to get better.

• Meet the McLanahan Nutrient Separation System, what Grist called a “crazy contraption that turns cow poo into clean water, fertilizer, and natural gas.”

• NASA built a flying saucer and you can watch it fly here.

• Washington DC high school principal Pete Cahall came out as gay and at a school Pride Day event was greeted by cheers from his students. That’s a switch.

• The City of Chicago has filed a major lawsuit against five pharmaceutical manufacturers for deceptive marketing practices resulting in over-prescribing pain killers:

The lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court states the city has paid nearly $9.5 million for filling opioid prescriptions since 2007. It alleges the pharmaceutical companies’ marketing of opioids for long-term use to treat non-cancer pain was false, misleading and “unsupported by science.”

The suit also claims drugmakers attempted to expand the long-term use of opioids beyond the treatment of cancer pain to reap bigger profits. The damages would be determined at trial if the city were successful in its case.

The case is similar to one filed by two California counties last month, and the same law firm is involved in both actions. Sounds like a class action lawsuit in the making, if you ask me.

• Conservative gay group GOProud is going out of business, because there just aren’t enough gay conservatives who don’t believe in gay marriage but do believe in free market principles.

• New research on autism links the developmental disorder to exposure to male hormones. So you can start vaccinating your kids again, people.

• A computer programmer came up with an algorithm to redraw legislative districts after each census. Since it takes the politics out of redistricting, we probably won’t see it put into use in my lifetime.

• A dubious Texas woman is sold on Obamacare after she sliced her finger opening a bottle of hot sauce. Interesting how many people who don’t believe in the Affordable Care Act until they actually use it.

• Scientists discover a cavefish who is blind with an anus on its head.

Check out the heartwarming story of Pig the dog, who was born without … I dunno, a bunch of stuff, it appears, like a neck and half her torso.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Starting July 1, eligible school districts in Tennessee will be able to provide free school meals to students in high poverty areas, thanks to the Community Eligibility Provision of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. One school taking part is Ketron Elementary School in Kingsport which will offer universal, no-charge lunches to all of its 700 students.

• SCOTUS has declined to hear the case over the Murfreesboro mosque. Good riddance to the bigots and Islamophobes who think “freedom of religion” just means freedom to be a right-wing fundie Christian. Wish one of our local investigative folks would find out who was funding all of these court challenges in the first place.

• The racist supervisor at a Memphis cotton warehouse who longed for the days of “whites only” water fountains has been fired.


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3 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Elizabeth

    Your link to Pig the dog goes to the gun sanity bill.

  2. “The racist supervisor at a Memphis cotton warehouse who longed for the days of “whites only” water fountains has been fired.”

    And yet another martyr is persecuted for his totes 1st Amendment protected speech!