Congratulations, Unknown NV Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

In the NRA’s America, banging on the wrong door at 2 a.m. will get you shot. Because an armed society is a polite society:

A man who accidentally banged on the door of a stranger’s house early this morning was shot by the homeowner, Metro Police said.

The victim had been at a birthday party at a nearby house in the 9200 block of Wittig Avenue, near Fort Apache and Elkhorn roads, Metro Lt. Ted Glaude said. He and a friend left briefly, and when they tried returning about 2 a.m., they confused the two houses and knocked on the wrong door, police said.

Sidebar: here’s a picture of the neighborhood. I can’t imagine why anyone would confuse these cookie-cutter houses, can you?


Officer Laura Meltzer said the homeowner called police, believing the men to be burglars, and fired a single round.

The bullet hit one of the men in the chest.

Let me get this straight: You are inside your home. People you do not know are outside. You’ve called the police. Why the fuck did you start shooting? It’s like that idiot in Georgia who killed the old man with Alzheimer’s, or that Michigan man who shot and killed Renisha McBride when she knocked on his door seeking help, or that Tennessee woman who shot at a car full of kids ’cause she thought they going to turn around in her driveway. Or George fucking Zimmerman or … or … there are a gazillion of these incidents every year, you know?

People are idiots. Armed people are dangerous idiots.

The money shot is this pic of the front door of the house:


Guess God didn’t bless his house after all.


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9 responses to “Congratulations, Unknown NV Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. What do you give a guy who has everything? A gun! Oh, wait, he didn’t have impulse control; oh. well.

    You know that without the gun the homeowner would have called the cops and then ‘fronted the wrongaddress-o-perps–oh, wait, no he wouldn’t. Because without the gun he was a’skeered, with the gun he’s a’feared!!

  2. greennotGreen

    The homeowner believed the men to be burglars *because they knocked on his door*?

    They must have some weird burglars in Las Vegas.

    • I think they were *banging* on the door, which still doesn’t justify this kind of force. Not when you’re on the other side of the door and it’s locked and the police are on their way.

      Though I have zero evidence of it, my gut tells me the homeowner was another paranoid white man and the people banging on the door were either Hispanic or African American. Would be interesting to find out if I’m correct.

  3. People are idiots. Armed people are dangerous idiots.

    I’m so stealing that.

  4. There’s a bit more information here:

    The shooter was a captain in the LV fire department–someone who’s supposed to be able to make good decisions in horrible situations.

    • I have a friend who lives in a suburb that looks just like this. I’ll have to leave a breadcrumb trail anytime I leave just to make sure I don’t get shot on the way back.

  5. Why the hell wasn’t the Fire Chief at the Walmart?