Truly Nobody Could Have Anticipated This


This is rich: the guy who was shot at Walmart was a concealed-carry holder who confronted the killers. So he died. For no reason. And his concealed carry ass was wasted for absolutely no reason, stopping absolutely nothing. But apparently the gun humpers are jacking off all over this guy’s corpse because … I dunno, freedom or something. But that kid who used pepper spray to take out the Seattle shooter last week is a wuss or something.

Seems to me this basically nullifies the talking point that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.


Someone lifted the rock covering the American west and look what crawled out: Bundy Ranch racists, gun humpers, anti-government loons, wannabe revolutionaries, and, yes, even Walmart. Read about history’s most pathetic revolutionaries:

Residents at an apartment complex where it appeared the two lived together said they had a reputation for spouting racist, anti-government views, bragging about their gun collection and boasting that they’d spent time at Cliven Bundy’s ranch during a recent standoff there between armed militia members and federal government agents.

The duo also told people they planned to commit a mass shooting, said Brandon Moore, a resident of the complex.

“They were handing out white-power propaganda and were talking about doing the next Columbine,” Moore said.

We’ve had over a decade now of non-stop hate speech spewed on conservative-funded television stations, radio stations and websites. Since the black man became president it’s reached fever-pitch. The raging paranoia ginned up by leaders of the right like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Louie Gohmert and other conservatives who actually hold elected office has been non-stop. They’ve spun completely unfounded tales of government oppression, saying the government will cart people off to FEMA camps, institute death panels, ban the Bible, hand the reins of U.S. government over to UN thugs who will, I dunno, force everyone to eat brie or something, and on, and on, and on.

And after years and years of this shit, we still act surprised when yet another anti-government loon takes up their guns (Constitution! Freedom!) and mows down some innocent people who embody this hated government. In this case it was two innocent cops on their lunch break eating some damn pizza.

And you know what? This wasn’t even the only incident of an anti-government loon trying to take out a symbol of government oppression in the past week. We also had this Constitutional genius in Georgia, who decided to show up for his court date armed with an assault rifle, explosives, and spike strips:

Rather than turn up on time for a court hearing Friday morning on charges of marijuana and firearms possession, Dennis Marx was apparently readying for his assault on the courthouse.

Sheriff’s Department officials told the Associated Press on Saturday that they found a checklist at Marx’s home in Cumming, Ga., that listed all of the weapons and tools that police found inside the car Marx drove toward the courthouse.

The items included zip ties and explosives that could be tied to hostages. Police found more explosive devices at his home, according to the Associated Press.


Marx had a beef with the Sheriff’s Department, stemming from his 2011 arrest and subsequent indictment on 11 felony drug and weapons charges.

Last August, he sued the department for civil rights violations, alleging in federal court that deputies regularly engaged in excessive force and overzealous searches and seizures. He had been representing himself in the lawsuit.

Marx said in the court documents that inmates in Forsyth County had to deal with sewage on the floors and limited access to medical care. Deputies also hit and kicked him and refused to loosen handcuffs, Marx alleged.

In a court filing in April, Marx said deputies had seized some of his property, which prevented him from protecting his family and contributed to the death of a family member. The case brought against him, meanwhile, was ruining his own life and hurting his chances of finding a job, he said. Marx also described himself as a professional gun collector, with other court documents listing guns as among the items police sought to seize.

I mean, Jesus, I just don’t know what the fuck is wrong with people anymore. It’s the guns, and it’s the mental illness, and it’s the paranoid hate speech that ricochets unrestrained around the land, because there are never any consequences for spewing this stuff any more. At least, not negative consequences: Phil Robertson can open his yap and let some misogynistic, homophobic and racist stupid fall out, and Fox News puts him on TV and he gets invited to speak to the Republican Leadership Conference. No, these days, conservatives are rewarded for extremist rhetoric. Sorry, folks, but the Republican Party’s far-right lurch is a huge part of the problem here. When are you guys going to stop empowering the whackjobs and bigots in your party?

Should we blame Hollywood, too? Sure, why not! Not for its perpetuation of gun culture, but for its endless promoting of the archetype these nutjobs seem to have latched on to: the “independent lone wolf” who saves the country from forces of evil. You know the type: John McClane from Die Hard, Dirty Harry or Jack Bauer. This idea that it’s not just okay but actually necessary for the lone wolf to go rogue and take on the forces of evil because only he knows the truth — well, you know what? Great for a movie script, not so great in real life. Maybe Hollywood will make a movie where Jack Bauer goes rogue and tries to takes down the terrorist ringleader plotting to blow up Los Angeles, you know, the guy everyone else thinks is the city’s esteemed mayor? And only Jack Bauer knows the truth? Except, ha ha, plot twist! Turns out Jack Bauer has actually gone mentally insane from listening to too much Rush Limbaugh and Fox News paranoia and he’s made all of this shit up. The mayor’s security detail takes him down just in the nick of time and Bauer spends the rest of his years in a thorazine-enduced haze at the local mental ward.

I’d like to see that movie. Because goddamn, that’s pretty much how these stories are playing out in real life. I mean, what do you want to bet that the Open Carry Texas gun humpers are going to claim if only they had been at that Vegas Walmart with their AR-15s they could have stopped this? Because, lone wolf, and the government can’t keep you safe, lather, rinse, repeat.

Seriously, when is this shit going to end?


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24 responses to “Truly Nobody Could Have Anticipated This

  1. Southern Beale:

    Thanks for the info, check your e-mail.

    Teh gunzloonz already have the couple down as “liberals”, “Occupy Wall Street types” and “false flag”. Yep.

  2. Ah, this:

    “TChola 2 hours ago
    Obviously, the good guy with a gun must not be taken by surprise! These cops were taken by surprise and didn’t “see it coming”. They were eating and talking. So, their reflexes were slow or they were not paying attention to their environment. From all this it doesn’t follow that the good guy has no advantage possessing a gun (and the training to use it wisely and effectively) in the face of a threat to life. In America these days you really need to cultivate a “samurai mindset” which is always alert to the possibility of danger striking anywhere, at any time, and in any form”

    is from the comment thread at the story you linked to. Moronz.

    • Right. Because the cops had allowed themselves to slip into Condition White:

      “Just as the Red Cross would like everybody to be qualified in CPR, gun carriers want everybody prepared to confront violence—not only by being armed but by maintaining Condition Yellow. Hang around with people committed to carrying guns and it’s easy to feel guilty about lapsing into Condition White, to begin seeing yourself as deadweight on society, a parasite, a mediocre citizen. “You should constantly practice being in Condition Yellow all the time,” writes Tony Walker in his book How to Win a Gunfight. Of course, it’s not for everyone; the armed life in Condition Yellow requires being mentally prepared to kill. As John Wayne puts it in his last movie, The Shootist, “It’s not always being fast or even accurate that counts. It’s being willing.” ”

      Welcome to Modern America, circa 1800-whatever.

      • NonyNony

        Jeebus. That’s sick. I could see that advice if you lived in an actual freaking warzone, but to live your life like that every time you want to go to the grocery store or out to dinner with your family or whatever is just pathological.

  3. Didn’t read DC’s links so I may be mistaken but…FIRST!-Brietbart, et al sure to br reporting MARX ran amock in Georgia.

  4. Mary Wilson

    But, yes, SB, you and I did expect this to happen again and again, and there you have it. And guess what? The Palin and the sanctified Santorum are appearing at our Smokies Stadium soon…a ‘big’ Tea Party rally soon. I want to get up there and march and protest this TEA Circus, but most of my activist friends say…’stay home and ignore it…and her’, So I will remember with glee her last, almost visit to a TEA event in Nashville when she failed to show up! She left their leader, Mr. Phillips owing thousands in bills. Maybe she will chicken out again…we can hope.

  5. I honestly don’t know what to think of this anymore. I just want to go somewhere quiet, and meditate. The world’s running amok.

  6. CB

    “…Bauer spends the rest of his years in a thorazine-enduced haze at the local mental ward.”

    Well, you see, there aren’t enough mental wards left. Bauer will probably live out his days in prison. 60 Minutes did a piece on mental health care Sunday night, in which they posited that the largest mental institution in the nation is the Cook County jail, in Chicago. A friend suggested that the second largest is the L.A. jail. Close down the mental hospitals and fail to fund community care as provided for IN YOUR OWN DAMNED PLAN. Thank you, St. Ronald of Reagan.

    However, I’m not suggesting that throwing $$$ at mental health care, as desperately as that is needed, will magically solve the problem. You hit the nail on the head. The Republican Party fell into a flea-infested bed with the extremists on its margins, and has spent the last 6 years,especially, rewarding idiocy, because, black dude in the White House.

    I am beyond sick and tired of this crap.

  7. tao

    Coulda been hero at Wally*World failed to apprehend the entire situation before engaging some guy who came in and fired a gun. Turns out there was a gal packing heat too, and so she killed him. When adrenalin fogs the moment, deadly threats are not seen. Sadly now his family and friends must deal with a loss that an unarmed person would not have attempted. Gun people tend to get shot more than folks who have not seen fit to arm themselves. Condolences to the families of these victims of the NRA cult.

  8. Looks like Cliven Bundy’s decided that co-operatin’ with the local Gestapo is okay:
    “Cliven Bundy told the Review-Journal he didn’t recognize the Millers from their pictures on television, but “we do think they were here for a period of time.”

    “I definitely didn’t have any association with them except maybe meeting them,” he said, noting there were thousands of supporters at rallies held before and after the April 12 standoff.

    “I didn’t have anything to do with running them off the ranch,” he said. “There are some indications the militia said they should leave, and there is some indication they had been talking radical-type things although I don’t have any personal information on that.”

    Bundy said he doesn’t know who made the decision to ask the Millers to leave the rally area.

    He added that he has contacted the Clark County Sheriff’s Department twice since the shootings, including late Sunday when wrote in an email that he was sorry about the shootings and would cooperate with the investigation in any way he could.”


    That’s showin’ some solidarity there, Cliven.

  9. Southern Beale:

    Here’s what every child needs for his “rug time”:

    mikeb has a piece on it at his blog.

  10. From what I see at their website the blankets will work very well unless there is a piece of debris that is coming up after a ricochet off of the floor. The blankets are about a thousand bucks a pop.

    If you want to protect kids from tornados and you have a limited budget you might buy some concrete culvert sections and bury them halfway, installing a solid plug at one end and a movable door at the other. Then again, how sexy and cutting edge is that?

  11. One of Jerad Miller’s convictions included copping to possession of a controlled substance. Although most of his run-ins with the law involved dealing marijuana or hash oil. He doesn’t strike me as some type of high-rolling dandy snorting cocaine with fancy floosies. That sunuvabitch was on methamphetamine pure and simple. He’s sniffling with every breath at the same time that he is smoking a cigaret and crying into the camera.

    So, if you think about it… It’s really all Nixon’s fault, and to some extent Reagan and Clinton. Back in 1970, the hippies were getting high on marijuana and LSD, but they were spreading the message that speed kills. It was Nixon’s war on drugs that pushed the entire movement underground. Everything was still more or less okay until the West Coast hippies started growing high-grade marijuana from seeds culled from stock from Thailand, Africa and Colombia. Then the Mexican cartels couldn’t make any money moving weed over the border. The average smuggler wasn’t in on the cocaine trade. The California bikers invented crystal meth and bi-amphetamine. It was only a matter of time until Mexico became the biggest supplier of amphetamines and precursors and every redneck entrepreneur from Fresno to Arkansas was trying their hand at cooking crystal meth.

    See how everything could have been different if the white man hadn’t turned everything to poison the way he always does?

  12. GregH

    you will just LOVE this story about gunloonz in Huntsville this past weekend.

    • Dad’s minding his own business, except for the part about ‘frontin’ the guy with the camera who was taking photos in a public place and then shooting at his car which had, if the story is to be believed the cameraista and two subjects in it.

      It is odd that NO charges were filed, according to the linked story.

      • “I was the only adult there…” Except for the OTHER GUY WITH THE GUN you idiot.

        I notice the shooter was white. I would not be shocked to learn that the other person involved was black. This being Alabama and all.

      • They’re still investigating. I liked this part from the story:

        “A check of state court records found that Weil has been arrested twice for assault, although both incidents happened almost 20 years ago.”

        Don’t you feel safer knowing a guy with an arrest record for assault is walking around with a Glock shooting up people he thinks shouldn’t be at HIS park?

    • Both men were apparently standing their ground because neither one wanted to admit that the only reason they have a gun is because they don’t know how to have a fucking conversation or let some other person enjoy a public park how they see fit.

      • GregH

        Unfortunately, one of the two idiots has bred already. There goes the gene pool…..Sweet Home Alabama!

  13. This:

    According to a city ordinance, having a weapon inside any city park is strictly prohibited. (source:

    So we had TWO assholes with gunz in the park.