Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Asshole

Buh-bye, Eric Cantor. Lost his primary to a completely off-the-rails Teanut named David Brat.

I heard Brat on Chuck Toad Todd’s show this morning and he dished up some word salad that never had a coherent point. Chuck patted him on the head and told him to run along. So excuse me if I can relish in the delicious comeuppance of both the hated Chuck Todd and the wretched Eric Cantor.

Seriously, I have to wonder: it’s not like Cantor is some hippie. You don’t get much further to the right. Yet nobody saw this coming? How did this upset happen? Virginia has open primaries: did Democrats cross over and skew the results? (Yes, I still hate open primaries, always and forever. Pick a side. If you can’t, then wait for the general and you get to pick your candidate then. You do not get to pick my candidate if you aren’t in my party).

I just find that really hard to believe. My understanding is that the Democratic candidate, Mike Dickinson, is not endorsed by the Virginia Democratic Party and is something of a weirdo. In fact, he apparently missed the filing deadline to be on the Democratic ticket. So if he runs at all, it will have to be as an independent.

Cantor basically engineered the gridlock which has ground all of the peoples’ business to a halt. If Eric fucking Cantor is too liberal for Virginia Republicans, you just gotta wonder … It’s hard to see this as anything other than a big victory for the Tea Party. For a movement which has seen precious few of them of late, it’s a good reminder that there are still hotbeds of knuckle-dragging Know-nothings out there.

And Republicans: you have only yourselves to blame for this one. You gerrymandered yourselves into a Tea Party conundrum. Congratulations.


So evidently the candidate is Jack Trammel.


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9 responses to “Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Asshole

  1. Randy

    Who is Jack Trammel and where do I donate? Erik the Red is minimizing the immigration issue and blaming it on Cantor’s hubris.

  2. Randy

    Looks like the Randolph Macon Yellow Jackets might be the big winners. Both guys teach there. There are black folks pictured on the web page. Hope for the future?

  3. Joe

    Of anyone I’d like out of Congress, Eric Cantor was at the front of the line. At every opportunity, he placed his own party’s fortune, as well as his own, before anything the country has needed. And he always, always had no problem coming off like a total douchebag. Good riddance. The country is better off with him out of office.

  4. CB

    Yes, both Brat — gotta love the destiny of names sometimes 🙂 — and Trammell teach at Randolph Macon. I think Brat is probably in the B-school (economics). Trammell teaches Sociology, is head of Disability Services and (I think) the Honors Program. He also lives on a farm with his wife and 7 kids. Family values, y’all. At least nobody gets to throw around the academic elitist, blah, blah, labels, ’cause that’s a fight among equals.

    The district is historically red, at least, back to when Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, but I’m not going to be discouraged. Cantor OUT of a leadership position. I’m going to bask for a while.

  5. Mary Wilson

    YES! Vote for Jack Trammell. HE is endorsed by the Party and will work FOR Virginia so they can finally get affordable health insurance, women will be respected, and who cares about the RMC summer picnics!

    • GregH

      The Prez of RMC says they are both respectful professionals and will focus on matters of policy. If true, could make for a very “boring” campaign – the sort we should have everywhere! LOL