Tennessee Gun Report

One accidental shooting this week by a concealed-carry holder who was driving with his loaded gun because Freedom and Protect The Family and Constitution etc. etc. He died. Most responsible ever, etc.

This week’s roundup of gun news follows. Enjoy.

• June 10, 2014:

1- Senator Bob Corker gets a call from a “paranoid schizophrenic” thanking him for protecting her Second Amendment rights. Well, now, that’s embarrassing. Corker is such a tool:

2- A 22-year-old drunken dude fired his shotgun at a beer truck parked outside a convenience store in Murfreesboro. The mug shot is priceless.

[UPDATE]: 22-year-old drunken dude has a name: Matthew Sparks, son of Republican state Rep. Mike Sparks. It was his second DUI.

3- Assault rifles stolen from a Memphis-area Walmart back in February were used against Sheriff’s deputies pursuing drug warrants on Monday. Meanwhile, that Walmart has been hit by gun thieves for the third time this year.

WTF? Two things: bring back the assault weapons ban. Then thieves can’t steal them from Walmart because they aren’t on the shelves. Number two? If your store is hit by gun thieves three times in one six month period, you need to lose your gun dealer’s license. Clearly you’re incompetent and are contributing to gun crime. Get a fucking clue, TBI. Shut down the Cordova Walmart’s gun sales. I don’t get why this public menace is allowed to operate. It’s fucking WALMART, if they can’t figure out how to prevent obviously dangerous people from stealing assault rifles from their store then they shouldn’t be allowed to sell them.

• June 9, 2014:

I’ve heard of shotgun weddings, but this incident in Normandy takes the proverbial (wedding)) cake:

“The wedding party went to take photos by a red caboose in an open field” near the old Normandy school, Webster said in his report.

Neal and two other women allegedly yelled at them to leave because the caboose was on private property.

Bride’s side
The bride, Lisa Floyd-Stogsdill, who grew up in Normandy and whose family is described in investigative reports as having a “long and extensive history in Normandy,” allegedly told them they “just wanted to take a few photos at the caboose from her childhood” and would leave.

“One lady then discharged a firearm three times at Mrs. Floyd-Stogsdill,” the report said. “Everyone ducked behind the truck and drove out to the roadway.”

Floyd-Stogsdill approached Neal and asked if she was going to shoot an unarmed bride, Webster said. “(Neal) said she didn’t really care because they were on private property.”

“(Neal) then proceeded to point a silver snub nose firearm at the truck and threatened to shoot the truck. She then proceeded to point the firearm at Mrs. Floyd-Stogsdill with her finger still on the trigger.”

• June 5, 2014:

1- A Meigs County man accidentally shot himself in the leg while driving. He died. The money quote:

They say James “Tony” McKenzie had a carry permit and his family says he always kept a gun on him.

Guns-in-cars FAIL. Also, please stop calling these things “freak accidents.” They happen EVERY day.

2- A Kingsport man roaring through a parking lot at excessive speed pulled a gun on two pedestrians who told him to slow down. Armed society, polite society, etc.


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4 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Walmart spokesmoron sez that they’ve temporarily stopped selling gunz at that store. The story said each gun was worth over $1,000 so I’m guessing that they were chambered for .223 (similar to 5.56mm, military) rounds. Despite the gunzloonz armory geniuses protestations to the contrary, that round will kill, quite efficiently.

    It still hasn’t been stated whether the Walmart in Lost Wages had firearms in the store. I can’t really see any other reason why the two idiots who killed three other people before awarding themselves a Darwin would be there, save to load up on ammo or weapons.

    Hey, it’s not all bad news for gunzloonz nation:


    It’s not at all clear what the guys were doing at the home, why they took the young woman back into the house or whether the parents were in the “samurai mindset” at the time of the shootings. This is one of those stories that I like to track back to in order to get the details as they emerge.

    • CB

      I guess that’s one of those details that will have to wait until he’s interrogated. I’m thinking they thought she lived there alone, maybe? That’s one of the weirder ones that I’ve read.

  2. Laughs at Trolls

    So, Entitled Bride meets Standyerground nut?